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How can a girl miss her period without being pregnant

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Stress can affect many things in our lives, including our periods. Sometimes we're so stressed out that our body decreases MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-a-girl-miss-her-period-without-being-pregnant ]
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Can a girl miss her period without being pregnant?
There are a lot of things that can cause a girl to miss her period. For example, when I went to basic training with the Army I didn't get my period for about 4 months due to the amount I worked out along with stress. If a girl happens to be...

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How can women be 3,4 & 5 months pregnant without even knowing?
Q: I have a friend who didnt know she was pregnant untill she was 16 weeks because she kept getting her period & it didnt even lighten up at all. I KNOW she was getting her period & i know she is pregnant. She is the type of girl who is very in touch with her body. Then i know of a girl who failed many home pregnancie tests & didnt think she was pregnant even though she missed her . b/c the tests said negative, so she didnt find out untill she was 4 months. Then i have a friend who has 3 other kids & didnt find out she was pregnant with #4 untill she was half way through her 2nd trimester. She has some condition where she bleeds for months at a time (seriously), so she bleed for 3 months straight, then the next month she had a 3 day period, then the next month she missed & thought she was a few weeks, well the doctors were shocked to find out she was almost 5 months. Another girl didnt know till she was 5 months & none of these girls mentioned are over weight, so how does this happen?by the way, none of these girls mentioned had any pregnancy symptoms whatsoever. You would think that they would be able to tell if they did have pregnancy symptoms, especially the girl with 3 other kids. My one friend that didnt find out untill she was 16 weeks literally tracked her period. She knew on what day it was expected to come & everything! So she would notice pregnancy symptoms. None of these girls had any, not even sore breast. How can this happen? The girl who was bleeding for months at a time is even more suprising than the normal, on time periods & even stranger than failing all the pregnancy tests untill 5 monts, but still.....the doctors cant tell that girl why she was still bleeding like that. All we know is she now has a very healty baby girl. I just dont get it. Can anyone explain this? I mean, not even sore breast? Why? Has anyone experienced anything like this?
A: every women body is diff
My Girl friend pregnant. Now what to do...?
Q: Hi,Me and my girl friend had sex. Now she said that she has missed her period. We dont know whether she has got pregnant or not. My questions are1) How to find out whether she is pregnant or not without going to a doctor.2) If she is pregnant what are the tablets that can clear it off....We dont have guts to go to hospital and take up check ups. Please help me in taking steps...
A: She should be able to get a pregnancy testing kit from a pharmacy - do it ASAP (within the next couple of days) in case she is, because of the possible remedy: If she is indeed pregnant, go ASAP to a clinic and get a "morning after pill" - if she takes it within 72 hours of you having sex she should be safe. It will probably cost something but a child costs A LOT more.Would you rather suck it up and go to a clinic or hospital, or spend the next 20 years raising a child? The first option is far less scary, both in the long term and short term (your family will know about a child sooner or later, but not necessarily a clinic appointment). Next time, wear condoms and if you are in a steady relationship talk to her about her taking a contraceptive pill.
i'd like to know if u can get prgenant by physical contact without actually having intercourse?
Q: if a guy n girl have anal sex n the guy ejaculates and if he comes over her........and if it might have had come near or in contact with the vaginal opening area not inside it.....does the girl get pregnant even without vaginal penetration??? if u wipe and wash it off immediately is there any chance that the sperm might go in there n u get pregnant???? any doctor/ nurse expert out there who'd like to help on this???? how can u tell u're pregnant if u have irregular periods normally due to hormonal problems and i dun have any fixed cycle or date for getting periods then how do u know if ure missing periods cuz u're pregnant or becoz u're cycle isnt normal yet???
A: There is a very slight chance that this can cause pregnancy. It's not likely, but it is also not impossible. If you have irregular periods anyway, then it is very hard to tell based on your cycle. Wait until it has been six weeks since your last period began, then take a pregnancy test; if you ARE pregnant, it should test positive by then. Until then, try not to stress - it could delay your period, actually - because it is really, really unlikely that you actually are pregnant. If you want to be really safe, avoid large amounts of caffeine, drugs, and alcohol until you take the test, for the minuscule chance that you could be pregnant.

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