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How can a girl get herself pregnant

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Here's how: Find a partner - For some, this is the hardest part. If you are currently on the pill as a form of birth control, MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-a-girl-get-herself-pregnant ]
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Can a girl get herself pregnant?
No, it is not possible for a female to get herself pregnant. To create a baby, both an egg and a sperm are required. To produce the sperm, a fertile male is required. If you are still confused about this, you can visit your local library an...
Can a girl get herself pregnant in a hot tub?
Only if male sperm got into your vagina. You can still get pregnant in water
Does A Girl Get Pregnant By Fingering Herself?
No, it is absolutely not possible to get pregnant in this way because pregnancy requires an act called intercourse during which sperms are ejaculated which travel towards egg and then fertilization takes place. So, union of sperm and egg is...

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This girl got herself pregnant, how do I avoid child support?
Q: I don't want to give her anything. Can I get a new social security number and move out of state to spite her? This is entrapment.
A: She didn't "get herself pregnant". I'm sure you helped some.
A pregnant girl can't have herself a turkey sandwich?
Q: OK. I have heard that us pregnant women should not consume deli turkey. Even the packaged kind because the possibility of listeria. All the magazines and books and internet say that you have to recook your turkey till it's "piping hot". Well, thinking I have been healthy and eating lean meat turkey sandwiches this whole pregnancy...I'm freaking out.Not only do the books, magazines and internet world says you can't consume this wonderful meat, but if you do contract listeria...you won't even know you have it and it can have damaging effects on your baby!!! Really? So, how would I know if I got listeria? How the hell did our parents get away with so much and have mostly perfect children?!Can anyone shed some light on this subject?
A: You make a very good point about how our parents ate this kind of stuff and despite that still had healthy babies. Things have changed so much in recent years - so many things are now forbidden that were perfectly acceptable for decades.My oldest child is 25 and I'm pregnant with my 5th. The "rules" have changed completely since baby #1. I've delivered 4 perfectly healthy children eating deli meat and I've had deli meat a few times during this pregnancy. At first I wasn't aware of the huge list of foods that now aren't recommended - like raddishes (what is up with that???). I've also eaten lots of feta cheese which I now know is not recommended either.The way I understand it is that with these types of food there is a slightly increased chance of something like listeria being present but the risk is still extremely small. I haven't lost any sleep over the foods I've eaten and I'm guessing I've eaten tons of stuff that is no longer recommended (but is the same foods I've eaten with my previous 4 babies).If I were you I wouldn't spend any time worrying about it either. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and your new baby when he/she arrives!
My little brother got a girl pregnant,how can we make the girl give the baby up?remember this is 2009?
Q: my little brother just turned 10 years old like last week he is in 4th grade,I didn't know he could produce sperm he had sex with a girl that was 12 in 7th grade 2 weeks ago,now she is pregnant her parents arent taking responsibility they are too old,but she wants to keep the babybut she cant raise it by herself,how can we make her give it up?

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