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How big is my baby? I'm two months pregnante

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Your baby is now about the size of a kidney bean and is constantly moving. He has distinct, slightly webbed fingers. Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-big-is-my-baby%3F-i%27m-two-months-pregnante ]
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My son was fully BF and was gigantic, He weighed 10kg and was 71cm I dont know why DH and i are not big people he's slimed out know but is still heavy for his age.

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what is wrong with me??? everyone thinks i should be happy but i'm not!!?
Q: ok i dont mean to tell my whole life story but i just want to tell the last year and a half. on oct 2007 i met a guy and fell in love with him. i found out i was pregnant dec 26 2007 and sometime in feb. of 2008 he proposed to me and i was so excited. his dad is a pastor so things got moved along very quickly, but it didnt matter because we wanted to get married and we were crazy about each other. so by may 3 2008 we were married and by june we bought our first home. then in aug we had our baby girl. we had bills but nothing to complain about we were so blessed with everything. he has a great job making really good money (but works 10-13 hours a day) our house was practly brand new with all new appliances, we went to hawaii for our honneymoon, we have nice vehicles, and we did not have to buy a thing for our daughter until he was 5 months old. we have everything we could ever need.i am most deffinantly not trying to brag but hen i tell people that how i feel they cant seem to understand what i have to complain about. i love my baby so much bu my husband and i rarely get along. keep in mind within 6 months we met, got pregnante, and got married. we know we are ment to be but just are having really hard times. we are only 20 and 21 so we had to grow up quick. one big part of why i feel so sad is bc i feel like we have nothing to look foward to aymore. within less than a year we have gotten married had a baby and bought a house. since last march i have ot had a job and been at home. 5 months alone and 7 months with a baby. i feel like their is no point to life i just dont understand. i dont really see my husband that much and when i do its the same thing almost every day. he gets home between 7-9 and then eats dinner watches some tv and goes to bed. i have been dealing with this ever since iv known him but since we have been married it seems as though everything has gone downhill. i feel like there is no more mystery to our live and we dont do the things we used to bc now we have responsibilitie plus their seems like nothing to do. i dont know what is wrong with me i dont even want to leave the house anymore bc i feel like everything is so pointless and i really hae no reason to leave. he tells me go to have out with so and so but i just tell him whats the point were just gana sit around and talk about bull shit, nothing matters. i feel like no one cares about me even though i know they saw they do i just am so sick of always being blown off that i dont even try anymore. and since my husband works so much it is like we never get to spend quality time together. not to mention that i would like to lose 50 lbs even though i probably just need to lose 30 according to my husbnd. i just cant seem to stick with the diet bc i feel no motivation bc i feel like i have no where to go and nothing to do to look good for. even though my weight drives me crazy and i wold like to get back in shape after the baby. im not sure if not being in the real world has something to o with it and the fact that i have been in a house for over a ear now. i just feel so worthless and dont now what my purpose is. i love my baby and i would not change that but i just feel like i have lost my self and my husband. we rarly even have sex and when we do its so so. i just feel like we do connect anymore on any level. we dont even have people we hang out with. and i wouldnt mind to go out and have fun once in a while but he is just changed so much and doesnt want to do anything. the last two days we have hardly said a word to eachother and i know something is wrong but he just wont tell me why he is upset. trust me i know he would never cheat on me but but i just feel so undesirable and like maybe he doesnt evn want to have sex with me. we are both a very attractive couple but with me still having baby weight on i feel like im not a good as him. he honestly is the best man in th worldbt i just feel like we have both lost ourselves and cant be the way we used to. their is so much going through my head i just need to know someone actually cares enough to try and help me out
A: You need to be checked out for Post-Partum Depression.

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