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Does your voice change when your pregnant

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No pregnancy will not change the voice. Pregnancy does change many body parts but that isn't one of them! ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-your-voice-change-when-your-pregnant ]
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Does a pregnant woman's voice change?
Im currently 7 months pregnant and since about my 4th or 5th month my voice has changed a lot. It's kind of annoying. I sound like I have a cold. When I try to speak out I always have to clear my troat first, and it is kinda low toned compa...
Is it normal for a female felines(cat)voice to change after her p...?
Female cats usually have a number of different 'voices' which only happen when she had kittens. If she has been out the room and then returns to the kittens she may give a kind of chirping miaow. This is to tell the kittens that she is back...
What sorts of changes to my voice can I expect when I am pregnant...?
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Q: please summerize voice your openion and tell me how it relates to socail studies and name 3 words you never heared of or knew the meaning of the winner get 10 pointsBEDFORD, Texas -- One of the first things you notice about Adrian Vasquez is the bulge beneath his shirt. It's a pacemaker, the size of a chocolate-covered Oreo cookie.Adrian is only 2 1/2 years old.Born with a double outlet on the right ventricle of his heart, Adrian has endured three open-heart surgeries and countless trips to the emergency room. His life has been fragile from the beginning. The day after Adrian was born, a hospital chaplain baptized him in the ICU. With a tube in his nose helping him breathe, Adrian's mother and father sprinkled holy water on his tiny head. He was so weak, they weren't allowed to hold him. Adrian's first surgery was three days later, when he was 5 days old. (Watch a boy with a broken heart )Sitting in their home in suburban Dallas, Texas, Anthony and Matilda Vasquez recently talked about the night their son almost died. Adrian was 5 months old and had just undergone surgery. He had been in the hospital for about a week and seemed to be thriving. In the middle of the night, the young couple got a call.Adrian was crashing.They rushed to the hospital. Anthony Vasquez says Adrian was "gasping for air and turning blue." It took doctors a half-hour to stabilize him. "He pulled out of it," Vasquez says with fatherly pride.For a long time, Matilda Vasquez says, she went over in her head every aspect of her pregnancy, trying to figure out whether she did something to cause Adrian's heart problems. She says she didn't smoke, didn't drink, exercised and watched her diet. She says she didn't even want to take aspirin for fear it would hurt the baby. However, she was taking the antidepressant Paxil when she got pregnant. She says she asked her doctor about it and after checking the labeling, he said it was safe for her to keep taking it.But late last year, Anthony Vasquez heard something on television about Paxil, heart problems and babies. He checked the Internet and found a warning from the Food and Drug Administration. It said early results from two studies suggested women who took Paxil during the first three months of pregnancy were 1.5 to 2 times as likely to have a baby born with a heart defect as women who received other antidepressants or women who didn't take antidepressants.Paxil is made by Glaxo Smith-Kline. A company internal study released in 2005 and shared with the FDA found a 1.5 times increased risk for heart malformations for Paxil compared with other antidepressants. Normally, the risk of giving birth to a child with a heart defect is about 1 percent.At the urging of the FDA, Glaxo Smith-Kline changed Paxil's labeling in September 2005 to warn about the risks of birth defects.Adrian's parents were furious. They believe Glaxo Smith-Kline was aware of the drug's risk before he was born in April 2004 and didn't do enough to warn doctors or expectant mothers. In July, the family sued the company. Glaxo Smith Kline declined to comment on the lawsuit, but in a written statement said it has diligently monitored the safety of Paxil before and after its approval by the FDA in 1992.The American Medical Association estimates about 40,000 women take antidepressants while pregnant. Weaning a woman off an antidepressant while pregnant can be excruciating. Many doctors we spoke with say the pros often outweigh the cons.On Wednesday, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists Committee on Obstetric Practice recommended that the use of paroxetine, or Paxil, among pregnant women or women planning to become pregnant be avoided, if possible. The group also said that treatment with with all SSRIs or selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors or both during pregnancy be judged on a case by case basis.But Matilda Vasquez believes expectant mothers should have all the information so they can make the decision for themselves. She says had she known about the possibility of heart defects, she would have stopped taking Paxil.These days, Adrian spends a lot of time at the doctor's office. He is behind developmentally and communicates on the level of a 9-month-old. His big brother, Isaiah, often "translates" for his parents and grandparents. It breaks his father's heart to think that Adrian will never be able to do "boy things" like roughhousing or playing soccer.When it's not too hot, Adrian and his brother "drive" around the family's back yard in a child-sized electric truck. The boys smile and squeal as their dad follows. Matilda Vasquez smiles at her family, but there is also a longing in her eyes. "Adrian will never have a normal life," she says. "I just hope this lawsuit will just warn people and let them see what an innocent baby can go through."
A: every life is precious, and we should be careful with the decisions we make and always be vigilant about the world around us
changes with your body during pregnancy....?
Q: for some reason anything my husband does i just cry.all he had to do is say something mean or say it in a mean voice i just break down and cry.also i thought when your pregnant you have clear complectionor is that a mythwith my first pegnancy i had clear complection with my second i had a pimple here and there. lately i havent broken out (cause i usually break out right before i start my cycle) and so far nothing, i got one but it was so tiny.oh ya the frequent urinationit seems like i got every hourand when i do its only a littledid anyone have an early pregnancy signs (first month)cant wait to test in two days*crosses fingers*also loss of visionit just seems like im going blindi strain to see
A: Hi, Being emotional in your pregnancy is very normal, I am 6 weeks pregnant and anything can make me cry!!Just today I woke up and thought there was something wrong with me because all I did was cry all day for no apparent reason!!As for the weeing thing, I go 10 times more often now I even get up during the night and that is unusual for me!!I really hope you get a positive result xxx
Guys plz answer..no rude comments plz!!!!(Pregnancy question)?
Q: Okay why is it honestly that guys change once their gf or wife become pregnant even when the pregnancy was planned?? Alot of women can relate to this question. I always wondered what goes thru your guys head. Why do you guys start being inconsiderate and sometimes just act out right wrong when this is a time where you should be taking care of your gf or wife the fullest and doing right by them. When you talk to people everyone has the same answer.."its cause he knows your pregnant and theres nothing you can do about it right now" is this really true guys??? Do those thoughts really go thru your heads..like well what is she gonna do but put up with me and take everything I dish out?? Seriously no rude answers. Sometimes even the tones of your voices change (cocky) or the phone calls stop or less communication, always out with the guys..why do you guys do all these but then tell your gfs and wives that you love them and want the babies but yet so cold and different???
A: Honestly, a pregnancy is a very emotional occurrence in a man's life as it is with women although in a different way. When a man starts speaking negatively about it, this just says that he wasn't prepared for the emotional and physical strain that comes with becoming a parent. A man must prepare himself both physically and emotionally before he commits himself to becoming a father, as should a woman when becoming a mother. Although in the future, if I do become a parent, if I find it straining to be a father, then I just consider what good would come out of being a father. The good always outweighs the bad in this situation. Becoming a father, although strenuous would not change me for the worse, if I can help it. It would bring me closer to my wife and close to my coming child because they're going to need to depend on me in order to live full healthy and satisfying lives. And if I can make their lives as wonderful as possible, that alone takes the stress of becoming a parent off my shoulders. Knowing that what I'm doing would make the lives of my future wife and my future child that much better. It is such a wonderful thing to become a parent if you are prepared for it physically and emotionally. It would give me a deeper sense of the meaning of my own life.That's my honest opinion.-Adam

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