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Does your stomach itch when you're pregnant

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Them. Hormonal changes may also be partly to blame. Some pregnant women find that their palms and the soles of their feet, MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-your-stomach-itch-when-you%27re-pregnant ]
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Does your stomach start to itch when you are pregnant??
Yes many women experience itching skin while pregnant. I reccomend using a lotion with vitamin E or a pure cocoa butter lotion it definitely will help with stretch marks, Although I do not reccommend Palmer's lotions I have found them very ...

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Why does your stomach itch when you're pregnant and what are some possible remedies to help relieve it?
A: your stomach itches, because it is stretching, try some vitamin e, with cocoa butter lotion, it helps alot, good luck and congrats!!
can i be pregnant!!!? PLEASE HELP?
Q: if, i had protected sex three months ago and started my period like four days later. then the next month, took a pregnancy test because my boobs were sore and it was negative then started the next day. i know theres is a very small chance you can still have periods when you're pregnant. now i should have been due to start five or six days ago and i still havnt started. can this be because of stress?? and if you are scared about being pregnant, can you body play mind games with you making you think you have pregnancy symptoms when you really dont? is it normal to be extremely bloated before you start. and one more question. is it normal to have a bunch of really tiny white bumbs inside the vaginal walls. they dont itch ot hurt. idk if theyve always been there and i just never noticed. do you get growling feelings in your stomach before you start your period??and what are the chances of catching a std if you use a condom??sorry im just really paranoid.and by the way. i only had sex that one time.what do you guys think???
A: Only a doctor can tell you this, none of us on here can tell you if you are pregnant! See a doctor or get a pregnancy test!

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