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Does your stomach feel weird when you are pregnant

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Sister you wouldn't know the half of it... your stomach feels weird, like you're a balloon. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-your-stomach-feel-weird-when-you-are-pregnant ]
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I Got A Weird Feeling In My Stomach...like Sumthin Is Movin In Th...?
Well if you have never ever had sex, and you have all these symptoms you may have gas. You c an feel gas move in-the tummy and it will cause bloating and pain
When Your First Pregnant Does Your Stomach Feel Weird??
Every lady can have different symptoms because every lady respond to pregnancy individually. It is possible that some ladies feel wired stomach while other remain without this. Wired stomach can also be due to other reasons, so, it can not ...
Could you be pregnant if your stomach feels weird??
Could you be pregnant if your stomach feels weid after having unprotected sex.

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When you are pregnent does your stomach feel weird all the time?
Q: I think I might be pregnant. I am over 2 weeks late. I am going to take a test either today or tomorrow morning but I was just wanting to know if anyone has ever been pregnant and had a strange feeling in there lower stomach. It almost feels tight and every once in a while I have a very mild cramp like feeling. Its Different from period cramps. Also how soon can you start to see your stomach get a little fatter? And what are some other early signs of pregnancy?I have been waking up in the morning because I had to pee so bad I was like in pain. That is something I have never really had problems with.
A: First of all, the pregnancy test will be more accurate in the morning, and taken mid-stream (the directions should say that as well).That said, I found I was sleeping in later at the beginning of my pregnancy, before I found out I was pregnant. Also, I had severe cramping when my period was supposed to start, but I never got it. Gas can also be very painful during pregnancy, right from the beginning (nobody told me that, I had to learn it the hard way!) and I also found myself peeing more often and even having to wake up during the night to pee (which I never did before) and then having to have a drink and even eat something before I could fall asleep again.You start to show around 4 months pregnant, give or take (different for everyone, it probably depends how skinny you are too)
What does it feel like when you have sex and you think your pregnant?
Q: Ok I had sex yesterday with protection! It felt fine and amazing! until afterwards.I had the worse pain in my stomach.I dont know what to do. Bout to weeks ago I had unprotected sex and he cummed in me and I think im pregnant! But the answer i need to know is does it feel weird if your pregnant and have sex?
A: It shouldn't feel any different, but having unprotected sex is risky!! Besides pregnancy, there are a ton of diseases to be cautious for!! The pain could be from rougher sex than your used to, or it might be some sort of STD or infection... go see a Dr and get tested for both pregnancy and disease. Good Luck!
How do you feel when your maybe a week prego? if your pregnant now or have been can you please help me.?
Q: Does your stomach feel different or wierd? Its possible that I could be but i dont know if I am. My lower stomach feels weird and I feel more wet down there and My nipples hurt like crazy especially when im cold can you please help me out? How did you feel if you felt anything when you were a week or so.
A: I felt nothing at all - I am now 8 weeks and have had only 3 days of feeling slightly off colour, and aversions to foods, but apart from that no symptoms! But everyone's different. I tell a lie I do have sore breasts and nipples. But still - very early on nothing at all!

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