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Does your cherry have to be popped to get pregnant

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Penetration usually has to occur to get pregnant. It is however difficult to tell if your hymen is broken as if you use tamponMORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-your-cherry-have-to-be-popped-to-get-pregnant ]
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Does her cherry have to be popped to get pregnant?
No, it's possible to become pregnant without disturbing the hymen at all. Vaginal delivery will, however, change all that.
Can a girl get pregnant if her cherry is popped??
You can get pregnant the first time you have sex. yes. And any time after that, every day of the month incl when you are on your period, unless you protect yourself.
How to tell your boyfriend you're pregnant
・ 1 Before you even talk to you boyfriend make sure your feelings are clear about the pregnancy. Make sure... ・ 2 Decide what you want to do about the baby. Ultimately, it is up to you and you must go into the conversation... ・ 3 See a doct...

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Is is possible to have your cherry popped after childbirth?
Q: I lost my virginity in high school, did not bleed, and got pregnant. I had my daughter by C-section and went on and married the guy. We had one more child which I gave birth to naturally. 16 years later, me and him are divorced. I am now seeing someone else and when we had sex for the first time, it hurt and I bleed. So is it possible that my cherry popped?
A: Um... no. The 2nd child would have taken care of that.Maybe he was just larger and you were dry...
where is your "cherry"?
Q: isn't your cherry farther back in the vagina or is it right infront?and can it be popped by only being fingered?do you have to have your cherry popped before you can get pregnant too?
A: It's not a cherry. Please have respect for your body and call it a hymen. Your hymen isn't too far back and can be broken through many activities from climbing trees to masturbation. The hymen does not completely close up the vagina. This is why women can use tampons without breaking their hymens. Interesting fact: We all come in different shapes and sizes including our vaginas. Some women can have sex a few times without breaking the hymen. This happens when the hymen is especially thick and like all parts of the vagina, it's stretchy too! Others even have to have their doctors break their hymens before sex is possible meanwhile others are born without it!Anyways, can a woman get pregnant with an intact hymen? Definitely, since the hymen does not completely close off the vagina. Either through the sex that doesn't break the hymen or by sperm coming into contact with the vagina. Perhaps 'dry humping' or the good ol' turkey baster.
Can You get pregnant if your boyfriend rubs his penis against my vagina?
Q: So me and my boyfriend got a little out of control and he rubbed his penis against my vagina but it did not ejaculate and didn't put it inside can i still get pregnant? and also is it a myth that your cherry has to pop in order to get pregnant when you are a virgin?
A: I am pretty sure that I will not get pregnant no matter how much my boyfriend rubs his penis against your vagina.I didn't know that I had a boyfriend.Come to think of it, I didn't think I was gay.Oh well, I guess you learn something new every day.

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