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Does your cervix close during your pregnancy

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When you are pregnant, the cervix is usually farther back, closed, and soft. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-your-cervix-close-during-your-pregnancy ]
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When does the cervix close during pregnancy?
The cervix is always closed, it only starts opening towards the end of pregnancy just befor you go into labor. The mucus plug forms somewhere between 8 and 12 weeks. That completely is not true. The cervix is always open, only a tiny bit, o...
When during pregnancy does the cervix close?
the cervix doesnt actually close in the normal cycle it forms a plug of a mucus like substance that gets thinner around ovulation to allow the sperm to pass through! and after ovulation the muscus thinken up again and then is thin when or i...
Your cervix is always closed or viturally closed, unless you are giving birth or there is some anatomical problem. Not to worry! Its fine and more closed is better as it will prevent a uterine prolapse (when the uterus actually slides down ...

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when does your cervix become soft during pregnancy?
Q: or does it vary from women to women cause i have been ttc for 5 months since my m/c and my cervix feels different usually 2 days before af is due it is low and open well today it is high and closed and firm my doc told me to check only 1 time a day so i check once i get up in the morning please help i need your advice
A: Your cervical position isn't the greatest way to determine if your pregnant or not, take a test thats much more reliable.Your cervix starts out firm in pregnancy, and softens up towards the your due date.
Does your cervix get closer to the opening of the vagina when labor is near? 10pts!?
Q: Something I have been wondering is all. I guess during pregnancy your cervix is still pretty far up there. I am curious though, Does it drop lower when labor is near?
A: No it doesn't drop into the vagina but it dilates so much it looks almost nonexistent.
What exactly should your cervix be like in early pregnancy?
Q: I've heard that your cervix should be soft, high and closed.I've also read in several places that it should be long, firm and closed.So I'm confused.When will the cervix actually close?And should it be high and soft or low and firm during early pregnancy?What did any of you notice about yours when pregnant? If you did?Thanks Navy.Well I know I'm pregnant .. I was just wondering when my cervix would change. Because atm its low closed and firm but I've been told it shouldn't be like that.
A: I didn't complicate it so much. I just took a pregnancy test and then went to see the doctor, who did a urine test. Easy as one, two, three.I know you've read quite extensively to be so informed. However, one website I found useful and am still referring to is BabyCenter, http://www.babycenter.com/Hope all goes well for you.

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