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Does your appetite change when you are pregnant

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One of the most common and obvious changes to your appetite that can occur during pregnancy is an increase in appetite. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-your-appetite-change-when-you-are-pregnant ]
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Does your appetite change while pregnant?
Yes im quite sure it does. If not correct i am sorry but i think you get more hungry because of the need of feeding the young soon to be child. And because of the size of the stomach
What Stage in Pregnancy Does Appetite Change?
・ Many women may find their appetites changes very early in the first trimester of pregnancy---possibly... ・ The second trimester of pregnancy often can bring a huge increase in appetite. It may seem as if no matter... ・ A pregnant woman in...
How does your appetite change during the first 1-3 weeks of pregn...?
generally you will experience no change in apetite during 1-3 weeks. infact, its hard to even tell you are pregnant so early into your pregnancy

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Did you appetite change during early pregnancy? ?
Q: Hi Guys, im 5 weeks pregnant now, but i just cant eat! I usually have a big appetite for my size, im only small and slim but eat well and enjoy my food! But the last 3 days i just cant eat, I have a few mouthfuls and then i feel i cant eat anymore, not because im full up but just feel a bit queasy the thought of food! also yesterday i was making a cup of tea, made me feel ill, when i looked at it, managed to drink it, which i guess is good! I thought your appetite increased during early pregnancy although knew morning sickness could occur. I also have slight tuggy pains in my stomach, sharp shooting pains in my left breast, along with tenderness of them both, and a yukky taste in my mouth, and all my stomach does is grumble, lots of gas too lol! So can anyone give me so advise, tips etc? Thanks guys xxx
A: yeah me too, im 15 weeks now and just getting my appetite back.I used to eat fruit, yogurt, fruit juice i found were the best things,just about anything made me wanna throw up, try getting some lollies or something to suck to get rid of the taste in your mouth.the tuggy pains i also had, and put down to my body stretching for the baby.you can get some stuff from the chemist for your gas, just tell them your preg they'll know what to give you, may also help settle your tummy for more solid food.try eating little bits but often, i know its not appealing but anythings worth a shot, helped me a bit.congrats and good luck
Is this normal in early pregnancy?
Q: How soon did you notice your appetite change when you were pregnant? This is my 4th pregnancy and I have already noticed an increase in my appetite. I am only 4 weeks. Usually it wasn't until I was much farther along.
A: Congrats hun!! You've been waiting awhile for this, I'm so happy for you!! Anyhow, my appetite changed right around 5-6weeks. I didn't have morning sickness beyond the odd wave of nausea, but I have had NO appetite since about the 6week mark. I'll be 23weeks tomorrow and I STILL have barely any appetite, I dropped 16lbs in the beginning and I've only managed to gain back about 5 now. Hopefully this increase in appetite for you will stay, it's a good sign!!
Appetite Change In Early Pregnancy?
Q: Right before you found out your were pregnant, did you notice a decrease in appetite? I'm due for my period sometime between now and Friday (today is CD 28, I have irregular cycles) and for the last week I haven't been nearly as hungry as I usually am. I can skip 2 out of 3 meals a day and be perfectly ok (this is unusual for me). Also, did anyone notice an "uncomfortable in your own skin" type of feeling? This is the only way I can explain it. When did you first notice this feeling? Thanks!
A: It is not uncommon for a pregnant woman's appetite to change during pregnancy. While the stereotype is certainly the pregnant woman who has an appetite for strange food combinations, such as pickles and ice cream, the fact of the matter is that every pregnant woman is unique in how pregnancy affects her appetite. In fact, one woman's appetite may even change from one pregnancy to her next.One of the most common and obvious changes to your appetite that can occur during pregnancy is an increase in appetite. In addition to the fact that your body knows that it needs extra nutrition during pregnancy, your brain has been told, probably, for a long time, that you will need to be "eating for two" during pregnancy. The idea of "eating for two" is, actually, a myth. Again, it is true that your baby does need specific nutrients to grow, and that you need more than usual. But your baby's needs only amount to about an extra 300 calories per day more than what you would normally eat. So your increase in food intake should be only about 20%, assuming you were on a 1500-calorie diet before becoming pregnant. While your appetite may change during pregnancy, it is still important to follow correct nutritional guidelines.Experiencing a change of appetite during pregnancy in which you have a loss of appetite is less common. There are some conditions, however, that can cause you to experience appetite loss during pregnancy. If your appetite decreases during pregnancy, you should speak with your health care provider. It may be that there is a physiological problem that she needs to help you address.A loss of appetite during pregnancy can also be a sign of depression. Depression can be seriously harmful to both you and your baby during pregnancy. If you believe you are suffering from depression, you should contact your health care provider who can refer you to an appropriate professional for help. If discovered and treated early, there is no reason that depression has to negatively affect your pregnancy. If left untreated, however, it is almost guaranteed to have some kind of negative effect.

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