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Does yellow spotting mean your pregnant

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In some women, yellow discharge and irritation can be related to the existence of a disease, pregnancy, or could just be natural. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-yellow-spotting-mean-your-pregnant ]
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Does yellow spotting mean your pregnant
In some women, yellow discharge and irritation can be related to the existence of a disease, pregnancy, or could just be natural.

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Does spotting necessarily mean you're pregnant?
Q: I know this is gross. I had my period on time about a week ago, so I'm guessing everything is fine. I had sex the last time about a month ago. Today, I have been having quite a bit of yellow discharge, and when I peed I noticed some brown-ish discharge. I put in a tampon to kind of..."clean it out," which I know is weird and gross, but I was worried. There was the yellowish and brownish discharge, BUT there was also red on it. Is this spotting? Does this mean anything? I'm worried, since I didn't think that was supposed to happen unless you're pregnant or about to start your period. BTW, I'm on the pill.
A: Did you skip a pill or two? With one pill I took, I would spot if I missed ONE DAY. Many women spot for various reasons whether they're on the pill or not. I doubt that you are pregnant if you are on the pill, unless you skipped a couple of days during the ovulation phase. Women can be pregnant and get periods so I wouldn't totally rule out the possibility. If you think you are pregnant, STOP TAKING THE PILL. Start again when you know you are not.Implantation bleeding (different from 'spotting') is usually not red like a period. It's more pink or light brown. I'm guessing you are spotting. Have you started any new meds? One I took affected one of the hormones in my pills and caused me to spot 2 weeks a month. That's 3/4 of the month bleeding!!! Anyways... stop the pills and take a home pregnancy test about the time you should start your next period.Like the previous woman said, you may very well have an infection.
Yellow milky discharge in early pregnancy? Were any of you not positive until later in your pregnancy?
Q: I'd be 7 weeks today.I had spotting for 3 days (stopped the day before yesterday).And today, me and my boyfriend were just doing our thing, you know.And I felt wetter than I should've been, like wayy too much, lol.So we stopped so I could check and it was a big glob of yellow milky discharge.I was like "Awesome!"Haha you know?Cuz I figured it was a pregnancy symptom.It wasn't like cottage cheesy err anything.I've had a yeast infection before and it was nothing like this.I don't have std's either.Just got checked, so don't bother suggesting that.I'm healthy, no infections, no std's.20 days late for my period today.My breasts hurt (especially my nipples), can't finish a meal, craving for more sweets, very emotional, minor cramps, and VERY extremely fatigued.Could I be pregnant?The last time I tested with an hpt it was over a week ago.And I had a blood test over 2 weeks ago.So...I mean, is there still that chance?I sure think there is.I'm not giving up hope until my period comes!(If it comes!):DDI've been ttc for 4 months now.:)Please no immature answers.
A: I agree if you are trying to conceive and have not got your period as of yet I would go to the doctor to be sure everything is ok. I would suggest to get into the doctor to get all the answers as to why your cycle is so late. No one can tell you unless you go so save yourself the stress and make an appointment. Better safe than sorry right?
I seriously need advice- I know everyone asks, but I'm losing sleep. TTC... pregnant?? ?
Q: Hey everyone... it's our first month of trying and I know things don't generally happen that quick... BUT, I knew when I was ovulating this month. My cycle can run anywhere from 27 days to 31 days- NEVER any less or any more, AT ALL. It's always within those 5 days, usually running closer to 30 or 31 days. In any event, we had sex on the 2nd, when I was ovulating. My period is due on the 15th. (Estimating my cycle at 30 days) Which means, at EARLIEST, I'd be menstruating on the 13th. Anyway, Today is now the 9th. I've been exhausted, nauseous, and gassy. Yesterday I had VERY mild cramping. Today, I had a bit more cramping. And, now I'm getting a yellowish discharge, which has NEVER happened before, and a week before my period NEVER happens!! Plus, I ALWAYS get a horrific headache before my period comes, every single month since I was in 5th grade. What do you think?? Are these cramps normal? I know you can spot a week before your period is due when you're pregnant... but what is with the yellow??
A: It's crazy...here you are, trying your hardest to get pregnant..and then on Yahoo answers, you see 13 year olds posting questions about how they became pregnant, whether they should or should not have the baby, and how they're so scared because their parents are going to find out and the kicker is...they weren't even trying to get pregnant in the first place! It's almost a joke, really. Just as a little story, My husband and I tried to conceive for a while year. Last year around Thanksgiving time, it finally happened. I think it wasn't happening for a whole year because I was stressing so much over it. I kept thinking about the baby. I kept counting days, researching my ovulation charts, reading about all kinds of crazy methods to conceive a child. I had baby on the brain. Finally in November last year, I gave up. I had a move to think about. I had to pack things, clothes, furniture...had to get an apartment, start paying new bills with my husband, make a road trip to our new state..things were hectic and I forgot about baby-making, and somewhere around that time, it happened. I think when you are anticipating a child, your body isn't going to respond only because of how the stress hormones are high even though you don't know it. And this can even put your cycle off. It sucks, really. I have some really helpful sites for you though..you should check them out:*Find out when you are ovulating:http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/227230/trying_to_conceive_find_out_when_youre.html*Side effects of personal lubricants when TTC:http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/227220/trying_to_conceive_side_effects_of.html*Tips for Conceiving:http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/162109/trying_to_conceive_when_you_want_a.html*Increasing chances of getting pregnant:http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/227218/tricks_for_trying_to_conceive_how_to.htmlGood luck..I know it's so frustrating...but it will happen. Like I said, we tried for a year..now I am a mom to a beautiful baby who was born in August 2008.

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