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Does getting punched in the stomach cause a miscarriage

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Yes, punching a pregnant woman in the stomach can cause a miscarriage. Thanks for doing the ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-getting-punched-in-the-stomach-cause-a-miscarriage ]
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Could getting punched in the stomach by a 10 year old cause misca...?
I don't think a 10 year old could cause a miscarriage with a punch. Women's bodies are made to keep babies safe and I doubt that would cause it. It probably was many factors...eating, and other habits she may have had. Smoking and caffeine ...

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does this cause miscarriage?
Q: getting drunk often and getting punched in the stomach??(not for me asking for a freind)
A: Sounds like a stupid plan to me. This is just more likely to causing the baby to have fetal alcohol syndrome and the female getting punched in the stomach to end up in the hospital from the placenta tearing. If you want to not have a baby first things first get on the pill and use a condom. If you by accident or poor planning you end up pregnant, go to planned parenthood. This is a perfect example of why the abstinence only sex education classes don't work!
Getting punched while prego.?
Q: I am 3 months along, just tonight my little brother was messing around and he punched me in the stomach, (he does not know I am pregnant, I am not even showing yet) but after he punched me I started feeling slight cramping in my stomach and I am worried that this could cause a miscarriage, I would just like some answers, this pregnancy really means a lot to me and my fiancee.
A: go to the hospital, depending on how hard it hit you it could cause damage
Could this cause someone to have a miscarriage?
Q: If someone was a month pregnant and got punched in the stomach pretty hard could it cause them to miscarry? My guess would be no, because there's so much protection around the baby at this point. Do any of you know?Well know one knows about it...
A: It all depends on the pregnancy. Miscarrages are usually cause by defects in the baby or with the body not things from the outside world.And if someone punches a girl in the stomach and does cause her to have a miscarrage that person would be put in jail for murder or manslaughter.. or something equal to that I'm not exactly sure what it is called but it's a pretty severe punishment!

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