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Does a girl's stomach hurt if she is pregnant

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While pregnant women will not necessarily feel stomach pain occasional abdominal discomfort is a common pregnancy complaint. ChaCa [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-a-girl%27s-stomach-hurt-if-she-is-pregnant ]
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Is a girl pregnant if she's not hungry she can't eat and stomach ...?
Unless you have missed a period, I would not worry. Your stomach hurting could be a sign of a viral infection going around. ChaCha

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At this point ive heard everything about been pregnant so now am confused?
Q: So ive heard. You cant hear no heart beat at 2 weeks is that true?Its too soon to tell if your going to have a baby? Ive had symptoms but it just might be me, i took a test but from the store some how i believe its lying to me it came out negative i took that test within a week and 3 days, too soon? So I ve heard girl's cum is warm and the guys cum is cold, true? Am not an expert in anything to do with this so am confused my symptoms have been like so; Dizziness, the next day when i had sex my breast hurt funny thing was he hadn't even touch them at all, my breast hurt for about 2 weeks they are the same size just alil bigger, then headaches, not often anymore.My stomach felt blotted then it goes down then up but now its just their. final-last night at my friends house i touched my stomach i put pressure and i felt a heartbeat, but if its not a baby then what can this be, why would i feel it i told my friend she felt it to, help?Oh i got my period like on monday but monday i was spotting blood then later on that day towards the night it was like clogs then the next day i got it but cloggs were coming out then the next day it was back to spotting then when id use the RR it was blood then now its like wanting to go away. I usually get it for 8 days and this to me isnt normal.
A: I'm really sorry to say this but you don't know anything about pregnancy after reading what I just read. There is no heartbeat at 2 weeks, the embryo doesn't have a heart until 6. 14 days after sex is the soonest you can test. Cum is warm for either sex because it comes from INSIDE your body which is 98.6 degrees. Of course it would be warm...You also can't get pregnancy symptoms the next day because pregnancy doesn't work that way. You were obviously experiencing PMS and then had a strange period. You sound young so this isn't anything to worry about. It's normal and common.You are not pregnant. Educate yourself and you won't be so confused to think you are.

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