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Does a girls cherry have to be popped to get pregnant

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Yes, a girl's hymen tissue does have to be broken for her to become pregnant! ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-a-girls-cherry-have-to-be-popped-to-get-pregnant ]
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Can a girl get pregnant if her cherry has not been popped??
Of course she can, because girls don't have "cherries" and nothing down there goes "pop". If you are talking about the HYMEN, well, that certainly doesn't function as birth control. It won't keep sperm or anything else o...
Can a girl get pregnant if her cherry is popped??
You can get pregnant the first time you have sex. yes. And any time after that, every day of the month incl when you are on your period, unless you protect yourself.
Can a girl get pregnant if her cherry is not popped??
No a girl can never get pregnant if her cherry is not popped. There are possible chances of getting pregnant if the male's sex organ goes inside the vagina and spills sperms inside with enough pressure to leak thru, but these are very rare ...

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can a girl get pregnant if her cherry didnt pop and the man pre came?
Q: me and my girlfreind had sex not to long ago we only did it 4 like 2 mins and her cherry didnt pop. im pretty sure i didnt pre come but if i did would it still be possible under these circumstances for her to get pregnant
A: Yes, if there was any amount of penetration, she can get pregnant. The hymen is not a barrier to pregnancy. Anytime you are aroused, you're producing precum. that's just the way it works. It's actually fairly likely you precame.
ok, obviously I'm not a virgin anymore, but my cherry hasn't been popped. is there a good chance i am pregnant
Q: because first of all, it was for a couple seconds, and my period is due in about 3 days. All of you saying "you're not a virgin" doesn't answer my question, and it doesn't make me feel any better either. I don't know if it's all in my head, because I usually don't have sore breasts, but could it just be because I'm growing, and I'm almost 17? I really need some help. I mean, this is not me. I am not one of those girls that gets pregnant at 17. My boyfriend is a douche bag, and he doesn't have the time to help me, so it's over with him, but if you guys could actually help me out, that would be greatly appreiciated. I mean, it wasn't been popped...but, I just feel awful... Idk what to do. I know I should go get a test but I don't have my car right now. I'm trying to make up an excuse to go to the docters, and hopefully get my pethe hard part is, I am a very active grl. I do a lot of bike riding and I've been horseback riding for 10 years... So, this is what makes me quiver, because it could have possibley been torn enough with all the activity I do, and with all the playing that my boyfriend and I did. This is why I'm worring. But, I did make an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow. I am just hoping for the best because, all of my dreams will be crushed. They already are with my boyfriend. I am so over it, because I know I am a good person, and someone bringing me down trying not to use protection is so hurtful to me, specially because we've been together for almost 2 years, and he's been waiting for 2. But, sucks for him now, and it will blow all of my riding dreams if I am... I just can't believe what a couple seconds can do.and, he did not put it all the way in. it was painful, and I mean... I'm just in shock that I have symtoms. I'm going crazy... My boyfriend sucks, everything was going SO good until this happened... I am so scared, I don't want children, not now, and I don't even know if I want to when I'm older. I love me and my horse. I don't want anything to change that... I was just expecting to bleed, and I never have, and I never did. I am just dying to get my period. I would do anythinggggg, mine I never have swolen or and upset stomach, i've never gotten cramps for the 3 years i've had it....I just need someone to talk to that I don't know, it makes it so much easier.and, I have no idea how to use this thing, so for all of the people out there to comfort and help me, is there anyway i can message you? i've had this thing since last night & have no idea what to do
A: Not having your cherry popped has absolutely nothing to do with lowering your risk of being pregnant. Did he ejaculate in you? Your breast pain could be from your period about to show up or pregnancy. It's a toss up right now. Wait until after your missed period before you bother to test.
This isn't a ??, just some info to help some girls/women who believe myths about getting pregnant!?
Q: Pregnancy: Myths and FactsMyth: I can't get pregnant if I have my period. Fact: You can get pregnant if you have vaginal sex while you have your period. Sperm can survive inside of you anywhere from a day to almost a week, which means that the sperm could still be waiting for an egg to fertilize when you ovulate. If you decide to have sex while you have your period, you should still use birth control. And you should always use a condom since it is the only effective protection we have against sexually transmitted infections (STI's). STI's don't care if you have your period or not, they can be passed on to you at anytime so it's best to protect yourself every time you have sex. If you think you may be pregnant, take a home pregnancy test right away. Ultra sensitive home pregnancy tests can give you results as quickly as six to eight days after conception. Myth: I can't get pregnant if he doesn't ejaculate inside of me. Fact: You can get pregnant if your partner ejaculates inside your vagina or on or near your vulva (this is your external genitals including the opening to your vagina). There is also something called pre-ejaculate which is a small amount of fluid that contains thousands of sperm. It is called pre-ejaculate because your partner releases it before he actually ejaculates. Because of pre-ejaculate, the withdrawal method (when your partner pulls out before he climaxes) is not a reliable birth control method. Myth: I can't get pregnant if he doesn't put his penis inside of me.Fact: Pregnancy can occur when your partner ejaculates or pre-ejaculates near or on your vulva. Even if you and your partner do not engage in vaginal sex, there is still a chance of getting pregnant if there is naked body contact. So use birth control, like a condom, which will also help to protect you from STI's. Myth: I can't get pregnant the first time I have sex. Fact: You can get pregnant any and every time you have sex, it doesn't matter if it is your first time or not. Plus, females are the most fertile when they are teenagers and in their early 20's, so always use a reliable form of birth control. Myth: If I washout my vagina after sex, I won't get pregnant.Fact: Whether you wash with hot water, soap, or use a douche, it won't make a difference. Sperm are really fast swimmers and will get to their destination before you even have chance to think about it. Also, using something like a douche may actually help them along by giving them an extra thrust into your cervix. Also, your body works naturally to suck the sperm up into the womb, so washing after sex won't help you prevent a pregnancy. Only birth control will. Myth: I can't get pregnant if my hymen doesn't break.Fact: Your hymen has nothing to do with your ability to get pregnant. As well, many girls' hymens don't break when they have sex for the first time (you might have also heard of this as "popping the cherry"). The hymen is a thin piece of skin that stretches across the opening of your vagina. There are different hymen sizes and openings while some girls may not even seem to have a hymen. Plus, your hymen can break from doing things like horseback riding or even riding your bike. If you have had unprotected sex, you can get pregnant, no matter what state your hymen is in.Baby #1 Due Mid December! --> I know exactly what you mean! These girls should be educated before they start having sex!! It's amazing how little some girls know about sex, and still continue to do it, unsafely!I hope it doesn't get deleted or reported. I think it's a good thing to get accurate information out there. Esp now, since having a baby at 16 seems to be the thing to do! (16 and Pregnant is a new show on MTV, which I think is a horrible idea!!)Here is my question: How helpful was this information and how many people beleived these myths??
A: I've also heard of some girls thinking they wont get pregnant if they're on top or they stand on there head or something those arent true eitherand yes this info is beneficial to those w/ questions about getting pregnant and I knew this loland 16 and pregnant is SUPPOSED to show how hard it is to raise a baby young but i've never seen the show so i dont know how well its doing

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