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Does a girl eat a lot if she got pregnant

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Everyone is different. A pregnant woman only needs 300 more calories a day. Some women may struggle to eat enough during their first tri-mester due to morning sickness. Pregnancy isn't an excuse to overeat, but a time to pay attention to what u eat. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-a-girl-eat-a-lot-if-she-got-pregnant ]
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Does a girl eat a lot if she got pregnant
Everyone is different. A pregnant woman only needs 300 more calories a day. Some women may struggle to eat enough during their first tri-mester due to morning sickness. Pregnancy isn't an excuse to overeat, but a time to pay attention to wh...

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My girl has been stressing a lot and doesn't get full after she eats, does this mean she's pregnant?
Q: Her period started on the 31st of January. It stopped after 4 to 5 days. We had sex on February 11th [twice] with condoms [both times]. After making love, we checked the condoms both times to see if they were ripped or not. They weren't ripped. But on the 26th of February, when I tried touching her down there she wouldn't get wet. The same thing happened on the 27th. I think she got scared and would think a lot about it.. Later that night she started feeling sick from the stomach and wouldn't go to sleep normally. But the next day she felt normal, but later that day she felt a little nauseated again. She doesn't urinate a lot though, and I know that's one of the symptoms of a pregnant woman. I felt on her bb's and they were the same to me. She is expecting to get her period tomorrow (MARCH 3rd)... We practiced safe sex, I even pulled out even with the condom on before ***mming. Does this still mean she's pregnant?
A: Probably not. There could be countless other reasons for these symptoms, right down to simple stress. Wait for her to get her period to show her she's not pregnant and then see if that calms her down so you can see if the symptoms continue - it's likely nothing serious.
When I masturbate or have sex, there is a lot of precum. Can that get a girl pregnant?
Q: I've had sex with my girlfriend several times without a condom. I already know that I am an idiot, but that does not solve my question.I've been looking online and have found information saying that precum can get a girl pregnant only if there was live sperm in the urethra, and even then it is very rare. Well, that's great and all, but for some reason I dispense a lot of precum and am curious to know if maybe this could be different for me and there could be some sperm in it.Unfortunately, I am still dicey on getting a pregnancy test until I know this information, but I also have this nice thought eating away at the back of my mind. Her sister was pregnant for 3 months before her periods stopped. So, even then I can't be sure.Her belly is slightly out right now because we went on vacation and my dad continually shoved food in front of her and she doesnt like to disappoint my parents, but it's not solid. She calls it a food baby, but that just makes me grit my teeth because shes normally a tiny girl.Sorry that this was a little jumbled, but just can't really think straight.Thanks for answering my question everyone, I was also wondering. How long does it typically take for a girl to start showing a little baby pouch while shes pregnant?Though, I'd still appreciate more answers.
A: Yes, precum can get a girl pregnant!
This girl contacted me... she is pregnant and has no idea who the father is. Please help!?
Q: Hey. So I am 14 years old. There is this girl I know but I don't like her named Jane.So she is really slutttty, she hangs out with older guys, she drinks sometimes, she is really messed up. OK so today I woke up and my parents were at work so I was on the phone with my friend Ashley and I got an email from Jane and she said she needs to talk to me ASAP and I need to meet her at Wendy's in 20 minutes for lunch.So I grabbed my purse and changed and left and Jane looked terrible!When I went in she was sitting at a table by the window and she was so upset... I went in and I bought myself a chicken sandwich and a small drink and then I bought Jane a salad and a milkshake.I gave it to her and she was so happy and she ate really quickly like she was starved.I asked her what she needs to tell me and she said she wants to tell me because she cant tell her older friends because they wouldnt care and they wouldnt know what to do and she thinks I am sensible and she cant tell her parents. Ok so I was kinda nervous... then she said ... she is pregnant!OMFG. Ok first I sorta laughed I know it was rude but then I realized what this meant for her. I just asked her how she feels and stuff... she said two weeks ago she got in a fight with Monique and afterwords she was bleeding and she thought it was nothing but she bought a pregnancy test and it was positive! WOAH. I didn't know what to say. I asked her if she is 100% sure she is pregnant. She said she has the symptoms and one test was positive. But she said she bought the cheapest test there. She said her parents are on a business trip and they made arrangments for her to stay at Moniques house but she got in a fight with her and she snuck back to her own house.REMEMBER SHE IS ONLY 14 AND PREGNANT.After we finished eating I went to Shoppers Drug Mart with her and I bought the most expensive pregnancy test I could find. The lady was giving me dirty looks and I told her its none of her business.Then I took her to my house and she took the test and it was positive and she kept crying... I asked her who the father is and she says she has no idea.(PLEASE TRY AND FIGURE OUT WHO THE FATHER IS PLEASE!)THEN SHE EXPLAINED IT TO ME:She was dating Lucas and she had sex with him on June 2nd for the FIRST TIME. IT WAS HER FIRST TIME EVER HAVING SEX. (she was gonna get her period June 28th she told me...and yes I WROTE IT ALL DOWN! :P)She was at a party and she was flirting with a guy and then he had sex with her. His name is Derek or something. This was June 15th or 16th.. .she cant rememberShe had sex with Lucas AGAIN on June 20th, on Lucas' birthday and she broke up with him two days after and had sex with Derek again June 26th. BUT ON JUNE 26TH DEREK WAS TOUCHING HER BOOBS SHE TOLD HIM TO STOP, AND HE RAPED HER. BUT SHE SORTA GAVE IN...Her period was supposed to be June 28th but she didn't get it (who could the father be, Derek or Lucas)She even said she wants Lucas to be the father...Also what should I do? I let her sleep at my house and she is in the living room right now!ALSO ON JULY 2nd she got in a fight with Monique and Monique punched her in the stomach a lot and threw her in a pool. She was bleeding.AND she said June 21st she went on rollercoasters at an amusement park and she might have been pregnant then! But no bleeding after.PLEASE HELP. Who could the father be.What should I do for her?thxPSShe is getting a prenatal paternity test. She told me she told her friend whos older friend is 28 and can get her a free paternity test! =-O
A: HOLY CRAP PEOPLE READ THIS GIRLS OTHER STORIES!! SHE MAKES THEM ALL UP! JANE THE GIRL SHE HATES IS pregnant and her house burnt down and she poured a bucket of cholrine over janes head.BLAH BLAH BLAHYou have quite the imagination "courtney" but I think you just like to make a fool of people.

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