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Do you still get all the symptoms of your period when you are pregnant

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Not necessarily. The symptoms of pregnancy are different for different people. Some get some period-like symptoms, others don't. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-still-get-all-the-symptoms-of-your-period-when-you-are-pregnant ]
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Can you mis a period and not be pregnant, but still get all the s...?
there are a ton of reasons that you might miss a period that have nothing to do with pregnancy. However, if you're still getting your period symptoms, you might want to go see a doctor and find out what else might be going on.

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can you get pms symptoms before your first missed period when pregnant?
Q: all right me an my hubby have been trying for a year now with no success an one miscarriage i have been charting my bbt this month and as soon as i got a peek i bd and ever since then my temperature as been the same and my cervix is high and hard an my cm is clear and kinda wet looking when usually before my period its pretty thick and white i do have a few pms symptoms like moodiness canker sours in the mouth gas an slight cramps in the morning plus i have been feeling a little under the weather these past few days like around day 12-14 post ovulation just wanted to know if iu were to be pregnant this month would i still get pms symptoms but no period because there hasn't been any sign of aunt flow yet ! =)
A: When I got pregnant I got period symptoms, it never even occurred to me that I was pregnant because I just thought my period was on its way, I am now 36 weeks pregnant. Good luck.
Can you get your period when you're pregnant?
Q: My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex 2 months and I've had the classic symptoms and still do. My symptoms include breast tenderness, fatigue, mood swings, bloating, and frequent urination. I've been gaining weight like crazy like clothes I bought 2 months are tight on me and I know you can't gain weight that quickly without something being wrong. And I have the feeling of 'being pregnant' so I don't know if thats some phantom pregnancy. And I've gotten my period past 2 months so my question is can you still get your period while pregnant? I read about it and documents I've read that all girls are different.
A: It could be possible.... HIGHLY unlikely though. Most women don't have their period while pregnant.
Had spotting, no period and no pregnancy symptoms can I still be pregnant?
Q: Hey guys, it's been a month and I'm back again. Well, I will explain my situation and we'll just start from there. Okay, I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend of 6 yrs on April 6th 2009 and 2 days later I got my period and it lasted for only 3 days, usually my period would last for 5 to 6 days. This month in May I spotted on the 5th, 6th, 7th, and a little on the 8th. Today is the 12th and I haven't gotten my period yet. I was just wondering if I can still be pregnant? I don't have any pregnancy symptoms at all, except I've noticed in the past 2 days that I've been going to the bathroom every 3 1/2 hours (and I know that I don't drink that much fluids either). I've been tired and sleep earlier than usual and I feel bloated (my stomach looks big even when I haven't ate anything yet). I took 3 or 4 pregnancy tests and they all came out negative! I think it was a little too early to detect if I was pregnant or not. Should I wait another week or two to retest? What do you guys think? Anyone that has been pregnant or experienced this similar situation have any advice or answers? Thanks so much for your help ! :)
A: When I took my pregnancy test 4 weeks after my last period it looked negative. I had a very very faint line you could barely see. Sometimes you do spot for a couple days because the placenta is attaching to the uterine wall. I didnt start having symptoms until after about 6 weeks. I wengt to the bathroom like every 1/2 hour and slept a lot. Finally out of that stage now!

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