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Do you have brown discharge if you are pregnant

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Most women who experience vaginal bleeding during pregnancy during the first trimester go on to deliver healthy babies. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-have-brown-discharge-if-you-are-pregnant ]
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Does a brown discharge and a 2 day late period mean your pregnant?
It is possible. However, you could have those symptoms not be pregnant. The only way to know for sure is to do a pregnancy test.
Brown Discharge ... Am I Pregnant?
It's normal for some girls to bleed when they lose their virginity. The vagina is self-cleaning, so if you bled when your hymen broke, your body is just trying to clean itself out. Changes are you are not pregnant if you are on the pill and...
Is brown discharge a symptom of pregnancy?
It depends what point you are at in your cycle. If it is around the time your period normally comes, it could be implantation bleeding which means that you could be pregnant. If any other time, it could be an infection. If it continues, you...

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Elevated Temp, sore breasts and 1 day of pink/brown discharge. Pregnant?
Q: Just wondering if anyone can help?? I have a very regular cycle 28 days. Started tracking my temp at the beginning of this cycle and 37 from days 1-13 day 14 dropped to 36.4, day 15 up to 37.4, day 16 dropped to 36.8 and small amount of brown/pink discharge, about a teaspoon, more like a gel. A very kind person on yahoo told me that it sounded like implantation bleeding, keeping my fingers crossed!! I am now at day 20 and my temp has been 37.4 for days 17-20. My breasts today are sore and my nipples have tiny white spots on them. Has any one experienced that before. If my temp stays up at what cycle day, should i start to get excited. ie. might be pregnant. I know it is only eight days til i am due and i can do a test then, I just find it very hard waiting til i am due - we have been trying for what seems like a lifetime. Thank you everyone in advance!!!THank you!!
A: Since you had the spotting on day 16, it may probably be implantation bleeding. Good luck and baby dusk to you!
Did you ever have light brown discharge while pregnant & in your first trimester but turned out to be nothing?
Q: I had some brown discharge very light and mixed with some white creamy discharge. I don't have any cramps or any kind of pain I feel very good BUT am so scared. If it continues I will go to my Doctor first thing in the morning. I also just had an ultrasound 2 days ago and heard my baby's heart and everything was fine. I'm 8 weeks pregnantThanksI also had sex last night and thought it might of been because of that too...
A: I had some brownish red discharge at the beginning of my pregnancy and it turned out to be normal stuff leaving my body and it was a day after I had sex. All normal according to the doc and I haven't had any probs since.
Light brown spotting/discharge, possible pregnant?
Q: Today is CD21 and ever since yesterday, CD20, I've been having light brown spotting/discharge, however you call it. It's pretty light, this morning it has very faintly pink mix in there, but I have to really stare to know. From mid to end of this week, I would had expected my AF to come. Do you guys think that I could be pregnant? The weird thing is, I've been using the Clearblue fertility monitor, and it has been at High (2 bars) ever since CD10. Now I am on CD21 and it still remains High (2bars). I never got the 3 bars or the egg (indication of ovulation) at all. I'm not sure if it could be AF coming to visit or if it's a sign that I may be pregnant. Oh yeah, I should have charted my temperature this month but I didn't until recently, about 4 days now. The last three days my temperature was at 97.7 and today it shot up to 97.95. My cycles are usually 22-25day cycles. I'm not sure what the spotting is but I'm hoping it could be that I'm pregnant. Please share your insights. Thanks! Also, I think it might be too early to try pregnancy test, if I need to test, probably test the end of this week.tammyS, maybe you should just wait and take the test again. But i do hear that sometimes test can be wrong...so give it sometime and try testing again.
A: Yes, too early yet to test. Spotting pink or brown is a pregnancy sign. Look to your body for more signs it will send you if you are pregnant. Pregnancy test 7 days after a missed period for the most accuracy. Good job on locating your personal ovulation pattern. Best, G

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