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Do you get the hiccups when you are pregnant

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During pregnancy your lungs will inhale and exhale 30 to 40% more air. This change plays a part in hiccup increases. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-get-the-hiccups-when-you-are-pregnant ]
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Do you get hiccups when your pregnant?
hiccups are caused my your diaphragm being irritated you don't have to drink anything to get them
Why do pregnant women get hiccups?
Because of hormonal changes that can cause irritation. Also, organs are pushed together as the fetus develops, causing irritation and hiccups. Many women find sex ( if healthy) cures their hiccups and their men love to "help".
How often does your little one get hiccups... I am 36 weeks pregn...?
I am 36 weeks too. And as I write this, my baby has hiccups. She gets them all the time. It feels like a little pulse and it goes for ages!

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hiccups while pregnant? is it normal or whats going on with me?
Q: now everytime i eat anything i get the hiccups right after. could it bcos im pregnant??and i here that ppl having spotting when there pregnant. and i never done that. is that ok? are you suppose to do that? Thank you
A: oh yes sweetie..that's normal. my midwife suggested if in case it happens just to eat slow so excess air won't be swallowed, causing hiccups. good luck!=]
I know this is a weird question but did you ever get the hiccups when you were pregnant?
Q: I know this sounds weird but I NEVER got the hiccups when I was pregnant. Before I got pregnant I got them like a few times a week but when I was pregnant they just stopped. I didnt get them once in 9 months! I had my baby 2 weeks ago and they have come back. Has anyone else expeirienced this? My baby would get them like 4 times a day so maybe she stole them haha
A: OMG I haven't either! That is so crazy because I was just telling my fiance this the other day and he looked at me like I'm nuts! Every once in awhile I will hiccup ONCE right after I take a drink of something, but that's it...and I used to get them fairly regularly too. Weird!
Did you get the hiccups when you were pregnant?
A: Yep at least 3 or 4 times a day, not counting the times the baby had it :) It's a normal thing, that I do believe is uncomfortable when nreally often or in the night, but still normal :) have a nice day :)

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