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Do you get pains in your ovaries when you're pregnant

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If you have pain in your ovary area, you might have an ovarian cyst. You might want to get this checked out with a doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-get-pains-in-your-ovaries-when-you%27re-pregnant ]
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Do you get pains in your ovaries when you're pregnant
If you have pain in your ovary area, you might have an ovarian cyst. You might want to get this checked out with a doctor.

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For the young teens that do not understand your menstrual . . . .?
Q: I feel a need to inform you of the facts.What goes on in that miraculous body of yours in any given 28 days? Read on. The very short version:Egg ripens. Egg leaves ovary. Egg travels down the fallopian tube toward uterus. If egg goes unfertilized, you get your period. The long version: Day 1: Your period starts.For whatever reason, Day 1 of your cycle is counted as the first day you see that telltale spot of blood. Generally this happens every 28 days or so (though like everything else, cycles vary by person). If in that time the egg in your uterus does not get fertilized by a sperm, the egg disintegrates and is expelled from your body. On Day 1, your cramps are probably at their worst as your uterus contracts to push out the egg and the cells and blood that nurtured and fed the egg as it grew. Day 1 to 14: Called the estrogen phase of the menstrual cycle.The day you get your period, your body's estrogen level is at its lowest, and from there it starts to go up. Your brain sends a signal to your pituitary gland, which releases a hormone called FSH, or Follicle Stimulating Hormone. When the follicles in your ovaries sense the FSH, they munch happily away at it. This makes them produce estrogen. The estrogen causes one of the hundreds of tiny, slumbering eggs inside the ovaries to start developing. Day 2-5: Bleeding, bleeding, bleeding.Less so each day. Day 6: Egg be gone!The bleeding has usually stopped by now. Meanwhile, the stimulated, FSH-happy egg is maturing and getting ready for ovulation. Day 7-12: La, la, la, you go about your life.The egg, meanwhile, is growing, and the follicle is expanding to accommodate it. The follicle is still producing estrogen, which makes the lining of your uterus nice and puffy and spongy--if you were to get pregnant, this lining would provide the fertilized egg with the food it needs to grow into a baby. Day 13-14: Ovulation!!The new egg has reached maturity and exits the follicle just rarin' to go. You might actually feel it when you ovulate--a little twinge or cramp in your lower abdomen or back. It's called mittelschmerz, which is German for "middle pain." You may see a teeny drop of blood. This is probably fine, but if you're concerned, see your doctor. Your body temperature rises up to one degree and stays up until you get your period. The natural mucus covering your cervix (the entrance to your uterus) starts to thin out so the sperm can get through and fertilize the egg. Day 15-18: The egg takes a trip.The days when the egg travels down the fallopian tube, usually Days 12-17 or so, are when you're most likely to get pregnant. While the egg's in the tube, your estrogen level drops again and the follicles begin producing progesterone. Unsurprisingly, this is called the progesterone phase. Day 19-20: Your uterus prepares for pregnancy. The progesterone makes the fluid around your cervix thicken up again and tells your uterus to build up the protein, sugar and blood necessary to nourish a fertilized egg. Progesterone is a big ingredient in PMS, so you may start feeling a little crabby and your skin might break out a little. Day 21-28: The progesterone and estrogen are still increasing, so you may feel soreness in your breasts, bloating and food cravings. One theory holds that your body hankers for carbohydrates because they'd come in handy if you were indeed pregnant. You might want to avoid salt right now, because if you're bloated already, salt will make you retain even more water. If the egg remains unfertilized, your estrogen and progesterone levels drop, and both the egg and the endometrium dissolve. Cramps begin, bringing you back to Day 1: Your period starts.
A: man! my sex ed teacher needs to learn from you!!! Thanks for the information
Few questions for someone who's worrying wants some background info?
Q: Okay here goes nothing!1) I am on my 24th day of my cycle, and my cervix is very high (I can only brush it with my fingernail, but I have very long fingers) and it is VERY soft. There is a lot of whitey, sometimes yellowy mucus that comes out when I pull my finger out. Can I be pregnant (TTC)? Does it happen a lot, still being soft so near a period? I'm getting sharp small pains in my right ovary at the moment, now and again, and also similar like period pains. Is this normal, and could this indicate pregnancy? I thought I was leaking blood earlier, but only to find out it was only mucus that came out. I even had to wear a sanitary towel because I thought my period was coming.2) This early, can you have like cramps in your hips? Near the kidneys? Or would this be a kidney infection? 3) Can you get nausea this early, even thought it's only bad for around 15 mins then goes? If I'm pregnant?4) Even though I'm getting period like cramps (although they're not there constantly, although tehy can get bad for about 1 minute and go..) even if you're pregnant?5) All my down below is purpley! Is this any indication to anything?Um to person who said I didn't say I had sex... it's obvious, and I did say TTC.It's not an STD. My partner has had any other partners, and the time before him, I used protection.Oyh and before I forget, my cycle is 28 days without fail, or sometimes earlier.
A: Maybe I should try the best I can?You can bleed while pregnant, its usually light and for 2-3 days.If you have white -yellow mucus it might be an infection or just part of your musus plug.Yes pregnant woman have light cramps.Purple? Well I think you should see a doctor, since Im not an OBGYN.Tried to help hun
HCG level a 6! What does this mean?
Q: I finally broke down and went to the ER yesterday evening because those cramps that I have been getting were worse yesterday. I figured we would go and they would do the pelvic and we would finally get some peace about what's going on....no such luck. That ER trip just added to the confusion.They all asked me if I could be pregnant and I said I could be but I had a blood test 2 weeks ago and it said negative. They took me straight back. The doctor came in and repeated the "Could you be pregnant question". I gave him the same answer. So he said we needed to do a pelvic. He pushed on my left and right side....no pain. Then he pushed right in the middle and it hurt like the Dickens! He got up from the exam and asked if I had noticed my breasts swelling. I told him I had and before I could ask about the exam he looked at the nurse and told her he wanted another preg test and left the room.Later they came in and took blood then an hour after that they came in with this huge glass of water and told me to drink it all because they need to do an u/s. I guess after drinking it so fast I threw up. So after drinking this and feeling like I was going to EXPLODE, they waited almost 2 hours before sending me down to ultrasound. The u/s tech started asking me if this was my first pregnancy.....I told her I wasn't even sure if I am pregnant because the last test I took said neg. So she's like "Hmm, let me see if I'm reading this wrong" and picks up my order and says "No this says you're pregnant". My heart jumped into my throat! She said she was going to check on my blood work and went into this little room and from in there she said, "Your blood test says you ARE pregnant." I of course was ready to cry because I KNEW this whole time that I am not crazy and have really had these symptoms! Then I hear her say "Oh that'strange, yout hcg is 6". Then she goes on to tell me that under 5 is not and all that stuff that I already know. I asked why it would be so low if I'm really 7 weeks like I think. She said that it could've been miscalculated on my end and this could indeed just be a very early pregnancy.So she does the the abd u/s and takes some pitures and that lasted close to 30 minutes. It really hurt because my bladder was so full. Then she said they were going to do a TV u/s. I asked her if that was because the other one didn't show anything or if doing both is routine and she said they always do both. So we start that and she says how much easier it is to see everything. She finds my right ovary pretty quickly and says it looks fine...listens to make sure it's getting blood...fine. Then she spends another 35-40 minutes looking for the left one and never tells me she finds it. I asked if there were any signs of pregnancy and she said, "Well, your endomitrium is thickened and definitely getting ready for a baby, but judging by the hcg level you are way too early to see anything else".I go back to the room and tell my husband what she said and that my hcg levels say I'm preg. He was elated. They took me to u/s about 9 and this was close to 1 in the morning by the time the dr came back in. He started going over things and said all my blood work looked fine, no uti, and then said I MIGHT have a small cyst on my right ovary. He showed me the u/s tech's paperwork and it said "possible small cyst on right ovary. left ovary grossly normal." How when she couldn't find that ovary and said my right one looked fine???!! Then he told me that 6 is so minute because hcg goes into the 1000's but that 6 does fall in the pregnant category and that does cause some concern. He said if I get pain that is worse especially if it's localized on one side to come back to the ER because it could be an ectopic pregnancy. He said it could be lab error that it was a 6 or it could indeed be a very early interuterine pregnancy. He sent me to do a f/u with an OB so the test could be rechecked to see if it's rising.7 hours in the ER and still no definate answer!!! Have any of you ever heard of this happening? Why would I think I'm 7 weeks if I'm only 1 according to the beta test? What else could be going on??Faithmother to Elizabeth, 22by the miracle of adoptionTTC baby # 2
A: I didn't have the exact thing happen with the HCG levels but a similar thing happened...when I found out I was pregnant with my son the doctor said I was approximately 6 weeks along (going by my cycles/etc)...well I was sent for an u/s the next day because I am very high risk (3 miscarriages) and during the u/s they couldn't find anyting...no baby/no sac/nothing...immediately I freak out thinking the worse. Well over the next 2 weeks I go in and out of the doctor getting u/s and FINALLY they find the most beautiful little sac I've ever seen! :) It ended up that I was only 1 week pregnant when I found out (literally only about ONE WEEK!) and everything ended up being okay....my son is now 19 months old and into everything LOL You may just be really really early so try not to get too stressed or think the worse just yet!!! Although I know better than anyone how hard that is to do :)

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