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Do you get emotional before you find out your pregnant

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Pregnancy symptoms differ from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy but the top 3 are missed period, nausea, fatigue. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-get-emotional-before-you-find-out-your-pregnant ]
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Who got very emotional before they found out they were pregnant??
Yes I was. I was took into my supervisors office one day bacause I had made an error in my work. I was in the office and getting the usual "why was this done like this and blah blah blah" Well, I told my supervisor that I was sorr...

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Did you think you were having your period only to find out you were pregnant?
Q: Okay, last month I got what I assume was my period on Sept. 15th, and it lasted 3 days, shorter than my normal 5 days. Towards the end of the month I started feeling pregnant. Tiredness, a bit of nausea, slight headaches, cramping, emotional, heightened sense of taste, and thought that maybe I was pregnant because I remember having all of that before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, and I was going to take a HPT this week to see for sure, but Monday I started bleeding again, and figured it was my period, because it's right around the normal time I would usually get it. But it ended up being another short one. Also the blood was a lighter shade than usual. I did some reading up today and found that women can still bleed the first few months of pregnancy and mistake it for their periods. I'm still having tiredness, nausea, and amazing taste buds. I'm going to take a HPT probably in the morning, but I was just curious to hear other women's stories who have thought they were having periods but found out later they were pregnant. Thank you!
A: My mom had a period for the first three months she was pregnant with me. So it is possible. You can take a preg. test at anytime, by now you should get the correct result.
How did you find out your pregnant?
Q: Im so frustrated Im almost three weeks late with my period, i was due on september 6th and now its the 24th of september, no period. I have taken a few pregnancy tests, all were negative, but I have heard of women taking like 8 negatives before they get a positive result. This is very weird for me to be this late. im never late. But I would just like to hear real women stories of when they found out they were pregnant. Have been extremely tired, emotional , snapping at my boyfriend then crying like a baby, eating everything in sight. my breast were a little bit achy but not much, any help would be great, thanks
A: I waited 2 weeks before I took an HPT. If it's been 3 weeks for you, I'd suggest you get a blood test with your doctor. Good luck!!
Did you know in your heart you were pregnant before missing a period and taking a test?
Q: I'm just curious to see how soon second time mommy's knew they were pregnant. Did you know in your heart that you were before you took a test and missed a period? What made you think that you were? I have a 2 year old daughter already, and even though I'm about a week and a half away from my next period, I have this feeling that I'm pregnant again. We're not trying, but we haven't been taking any precautions since June either, if it happens it happens. This is the first time that I have had this feeling since June (that I COULD be pregnant).My last period was September 15th, hubby and I had sex before and after (before you say anything about my ovulation not adding up, please know that I DON'T ovulate 14 days after my period, this is something that we found out with my first daughter). Saturday I started getting cramps like I was about to start my period (I've been having them off and on since then), Monday I ended up with bad lower body pains (stomach, back, and thighs) and slight headaches, I've been overly emotional this week, I got a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes just reading the everyday news, it wasn't anything sad to be honest, it could have been the weather forecast and it would have yielded the same results. I've been exhausted, and I have been getting plenty of sleep. Pretty much everything that I was going through when I was pregnant with my daughter (I only remember because I was in denial and kept thinking that my period was coming). I'll be happy either way this goes, if I am pregnant or not, I was just curious if other second time moms knew before missing a period and taking a test.
A: I think you're pregnant!!! I just tested positive 2 days ago, but knew I was pregnant for weeks already. This will be baby number 2. I've been feeling the same way you are now...the big indicator for me is that I can't suck my stomach in very well...I know that may sound weird but as soon as I get pregnant (both times now) I can't suck my tummy in! And, I'm still nursing my 7 month old and have been feeling pretty tender lately.You've got to be pregnant! Mom's just know sometimes. Congratulations!

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