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Do you get bladder infections when you first get pregnant

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Bladder and urinary tract infections are common in the first months of pregnancy. Seek treatment from your health care provider. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-get-bladder-infections-when-you-first-get-pregnant ]
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Do many ppl get bladder infections when they first get pregnent o...?
Pregnant women are no more likely to get UTIs or bladder infections than non pregnant women. However, a Urinary Tract Infection in a pregnant woman is more likely to develop into a bladder infection than it is in a non pregnant woman. As we...

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Ever had an ovarian cyst when pregnant (endometriosis)...?
Q: They found cysts on my ovaries during my first sonogram just before 6 weeks. I'm now almost 26 weeks and have been having some major pain right at that area. This happened when I first became pregnant and again about 3 months ago (thought it was a bladder infection 3 mos ago, but it wasn't and I have read that this is often how people first get diagnosed). Anyway, I haven't called the doctor because the pain isn't anywhere in my belly or near the baby and also because it seems to come on in the morning and evening, so during the day when I'm not feeling the pain, I trick myself into thinking it's gone away. Will call tomorrow, but mostly would like to know if anyone else has experienced this and if so, what (if anything) was done about it.Thank you!No bleeding, only sharp pain.
A: well, endometriosis and ovarian cysts arent the same thing. ive had ovarian cysts and i am not pregnant. during pregnancy, they will just monitor the cyst thru ultrasound and it should go away. i had bleeding from the cyst for 4 months because they usually stop the bleeding with birth control. so, if you have some bleeding (it shouldnt be clumpy or have tissue in it) it's nothing to worry about. good luck.
not knowing when you were pregnant?
Q: hey girls!ok i am quite cocerned i have posted another question but im not getting many answers so ill try make this more simple to understand and easy to answer haha. well first of all about 2 weeks ago i had a bladder infection . My doctor gave me antibiotics to cure it. it has now gone. I have been on holiday in japan (still am) for roughly 8 days . I am here skiing so getting to the doctors costs me abot $200 in cabs haha. Anywys, ihave com down with a really bad case of the flu or a chest infection. i went to the doctors... they asked o a piece of paper if i am pregnant or not .. and i put could be possible. they did not do any tests .. just gave me some medicine... it was very hard to communicate beause not one word of english was spoken .. so im soo concerned.. i dont know if im pregnant or not .. and theres no way i can test untill i get back home .. which is not for another 3 days. Im worried that if i am pregnant .. all the medicine i have taken could effect the groth / development of the baby ... has anyone had this happen before??? like not find out thy are pregnant and done things they know they shouldnt have if they knew they were pregnant like eg. drinking wine or eating certain foods or taking medicine. ??? and if so dd ur pregnancy go ok? and your baby?it would be good to know if anyone has had the same problem as i have heard some people not knwing they are pregnant up o 6 or 8 weeks along. so im praying that this stuff wont harm the baby .. any advice/ experence is well appreciated! thanks in advance. xx
A: I'm sure all moms have a story similar to this to tell cause we just don;t know from the very moment that we're preggo.Think positive stay healthy cause if preggo and you get sick they will treat your condition as they should and baby will have to be strong.Leaving you sick with compromised immune system is worse than meds sometimes.And even moms that beat themselves up for drinking,smoking,parting,traveling all while not knowing who's to say that your baby would have been healthy.Babies are hardwired in the womb and what will come to pass will come to pass
Is it possible for me to be pregnant?
Q: About three weeks ago my boyfriend and I had sex for the first time in months. A few days later I developed a bladder infection, went to the doctor, was given antibiotics, and about three days after the symptoms cleared up I had sex again. The next day I started my period, it was a few days early and lasted two days, although it was about as heavy as it usually is. Since then my breasts have been a little tender off and on and I've been exhausted on a daily basis.We both started college this fall, so I understand that many of the symptoms could just be caused by typical stress. I’m pretty sure I get enough sleep (7 hours) and I try to eat a balanced diet.However, the uncanny timing has me worried that I may be pregnant. My early period and its short length is the biggest worry; I understand that you're technically not supposed to be able to have your period if the egg is fertilized, but both my mother and aunt swear they had early period-like symptoms at the appropriate time when they were first pregnant.We always use condoms and he always pulls out. I’m not on birth control.Sorry I explained so much, I just want some different opinions. If this all persists for a week or so I do plan on getting an over the counter test, however for the time being I want to know if this is anything to really worry about. Thanks :)
A: Unless you're a man, you're probably pregnant.

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