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Do women have periods while they are pregnant

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No. If you are indeed pregnant, technically, you cannot get your periods. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-women-have-periods-while-they-are-pregnant ]
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Can A Woman Get Pregnant While On Her Period
The basic approach in hormonal treatments for endometriosis is to block production of female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) or to prevent ovulation. Hormonal drugs are used for pain relief only. None have been proven to improve fertil...
Do women get their periods while pregnant?
NO. The body is in a different mode and now is taking care of the nutrition of the baby and is no longer functioning for being available for becoming pregnant again. Once the delivery has occurred, the body will go back into the cycle and a...
Why do women experience short light periods while they're pregnan...?
Most do not have a period during pregnancy but there are some that do. Check with your gyno. Could just be hormones.

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Do you believe women can have periods while pregnant?
Q: I ask this question as im suprised by the myths surrounding this subject. Doctors all agree that having periods while pregnant is impossible, you would be losing your endometrial lining, which cannot happen without miscarrying. Having periods during pregnancy would be miracle compared to virging birth.But still i find people claiming this, and whats even worse, they are offering it as an answer to people worryed from bleeding during pregnancy. There are several reasons why one can bleed when pregnant, some not harmfull while others might be. But having your periods isnt one and claiming that it is can serously endanger some ones pregnancy if she is satisfied with that answer and dosent seek for other options.And im sure ill now recieve tons of answers people telling how it happened to them, But concider the fact that mayby you have misinterpreted the bleeding that was caused by some other condition to be because of periods.
A: My mom had regular monthly bleeding when she was pregnant with me. She didn't know she was pregnant until (at around 6 months gone) she went to the ER thinking she had a tumor or something. The docs told her she was pregnant, and she didn't believe them, because she had been bleeding regularly. Shortly after that, I was born with no problems, and she had no problems. She had no problems with her reproductive system in all the years since, either. In fact, she has given birth to 9 more children, some of them twins. Her doctor guessed her bleeding while pregnant was due to the fact that she passed several eggs at a time (very fertile) and that her body may have just decided to keep on thinking it was passing them while she was preggo. It was a mystery, as they never have found anything wrong with her, while pregnant or not.
how do women who get their periods while pregnant find out that they are pregnant?
Q: If this has happened to you please share your stories
A: I've had irregular periods for a few years now so it wasn't uncommon for me to miss a period or two every now and then. Of course anytime I was late I would take a home pregnancy test and they were always negative. After awhile, I just knew something wasn't right. I was having strange pains and headaches and such and seemingly overnight looked like I had an extra 10 pounds in my waist. SOOOOO.. I marched on in to the ER gave em the story and sure enough I was pregnant. Almost 7 months pregnant. Talk about a surprise! Sometimes I still think I'm dreaming, but of course the lil one kicks me a few extra time to remind me I'm not. I have an anterior placenta so I didn't feel any movement until recently and I had no symptoms. Glad I found out before I went into labor lol.
is it true that some women can get period while they are pregnant?
Q: i heard its true that some women can get period while they are pregnant? is it true pls help mebcoz i have strong symptoms of pregnancy for the past week, and my due date was 7 jan i had my period today. even though i feel the same pregnancy tips. what to do. is it correct to take urine test now. bcoz i have very drowsy and bloating stomach with slight feeling of vomitting sometimes. suggestions pls for further action. im in a doubt.
A: No you can not have a period while pregnant and anyone what says so is false, People are often mistaken implantation bleeding or early pregnancy bleeding for a period.. But no you cant have a period while pregnant, If you want more info, www.google.com research implantation bleeding and early pregnancy bleeding for a better understanding,To start with, always remember that pregnancy and periods can never go along simultaneously. If you are indeed pregnant, technically, you cannot get your periods. Missing your period is actually the first sign of pregnancy. Bleeding in early pregnancy is a common occurrence, but this does not signal a true menstrual cycle. You must realize that the hormones that are active during pregnancy totally prevent ovulation. As we know, ovulation is the time in your cycle when the egg is released into the uterus and women experience menstrual bleeding. Since the egg in pregnant women is already fertilized, ovulation does not occur and hence no bleeding.Hope this helps !!!

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