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Could you feel it if you were 3 months pregnant

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Yes, most women who are 3 months pregnant have lots of symptoms and can notice a change in their stomach. Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/could-you-feel-it-if-you-were-3-months-pregnant ]
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When your 3 months pregnant how much of the baby is developed and...?
By the end of the third month your baby will be recognizable as a human. The face is formed, complete with 32 permanent teeth MORE
Can you feel a baby move at 3 months pregnant?
At 12 weeks your uterus is still just below your pubic bone and you can not yet feel movement. Over the nest few weeks you will eventually be able to feel flutters or kicks. In between pregnancies I noticed that I had feelings in my abdomen...
What can you feel when your pregnant at 2-3 months??
not much. u may have morning sickness and feel bloated but thats about it. u wont look or really feel pregnant untill ur about 16 weeks pregnant

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Could i be 1,2 or 3 months pregnant?
Q: Okay, i have posted several questions about the urinating part and the pregnancy part but i just need to know if anyone has experienced this or what to think of it. At first, over a week ago i was eperiencing the urge to urinate soon after i do and there was only a little urine and was burning so some people suggested it was UTI. I then took baking soda water solution and since then im back to normal. no burning and no little pee after every 20 min. But now here is the thing...I would say for the past 3 months we have been expecting to be pregnant.... Had my last period was on the 15 dec 2008. so now its 28 days since then so im just waiting... for the past few days i have been urinating alot! The early hours of this morning i got up 3 times to pee A RIVER! Now, if im pregnant - it would be one month - and is this urinating thing common so early in pregnancy? Now, i have also read about women that have had normal periods throughout their pregnancy or only stop period after a few months - if this is so - could i be 2 or 3 months pregnant and not know it? How should i be feeling if i am?I will admit we kinda exagerate something we want to happen but this urinating thing is actually happening!I have been eating alot and also have tender breasts but its nothing really new - it only this urinating thing!What could explain it? If it continues i will consult a doc but i do appreciate your info and opinoin!I REPEAT: there is NO burning sensation and im urinating in large amounts.....thank you in advance for all your answers.Im not drinking more than normal....3 months ago, my period was unusually 4 days late.
A: Welcome to the live of a pregnant woman!I urinate allot from the very first day I found out I was pregnant. My gyne said that it is normal, your uterus is getting bigger from day one. It will go better from the 3rd month, and then it start again at 18 weeks. I think you must get use to it. For some woman it stay that way for 9 months.Enjoy every moment and good luck.
Could I be 3 months pregnant despite any symptoms?
Q: I am on Ortho Lo but I was worried I was pregnant because I missed one pill. I got my period, but it was short- so I took a test that said Negative. 2 weeks later I was feeling constipated and bloated, took another test, Negative. Since then it has been almost 2 months and I have gotten my period twice since then, although it was a little shorter than normal. I am still taking BC pills, and haven't had any major symptoms besides constipation and nausea ( sometimes for hours at a time). Is it possible that I am pregnant with no symptoms? I have read that when you are on the pill if you have any bleeding at all during the time of your period, you aren't pregnant. Is this true? It's been about 3 months now that this has been going on. Thank you!!
A: Your nausea could actually be caused by the pill. Try taking it at night before you sleep with something in your stomach. Missing one pill doesn't make a difference. And you got your period. And the test was negative...so no you're not pregnant. Your periods will be shorter on the pill. Mine went from 7 down to 3 or 4 days.
At 3 months pregnant do you show?
Q: Im petite and actually not sure if im pregnant or not. But if i am, i would be 3-4 months pregnant. I feel like im getting this bump looking thing in my tummy but it could just be fat... but what would you say is an estimate for pregnant teens bellys around this time in pregnancy?. Ya ino its bad to be a pregnant teen but i dnt need ur b.s.Im going to my doc in 4 days i am very curious tho? Anybody kno of some pics or any details would be great thanks.Ive taken 7 pregnancy tests... damn
A: I started showing a bit at 3 months. You could have easily got a pregnancy test done. What made you wait?

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