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Can you throw up all day if your pregnant

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Yes, so called "morning sickness" commonly lasts all day in the first trimester of pregnancy.It gets better around 14 weeks. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-throw-up-all-day-if-your-pregnant ]
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Do all pregnant women throw up all day ?
I hate to say it but everyone is different. I have been getting long bouts of severe nausea, to the point where I feel like I should be vomiting but I don't and I keep that feeling sometimes up to 6 hrs a day at a time. It hits me at all ...
Do you throw up all day when your pregnant or is their just somet...?
I've Missed my period for about 3 weeks now. I've been trying to eat things but right after I do I just throw it up. I can't eat anything. Haven't for bout 3 days now am I pregnant or not?

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Can throw up mess up your esophagus?
Q: Can you mess up the esophagus. Im pregnant and i threw up last night and idk my esophagus hurts or whatever. But i ate spicy food all day. So idk if that is the reason.
A: ...yes. Your stomach contains acid. When you throw up, some of that acid comes up too. Often bulemics or those with bad acid reflux damage their esophagus over time because of that. However, throwing up occasionally due to pregnancy or illness will not cause any damage.
I have a stomach ache all day?
Q: I feel like throwing up all day and not only in the morning I was wondering if when your pregnant with morning sickness if that is only in the morning or if you can get it all day?
A: You CAN have it 24/7 for nine months, but fortunately most women don't.
Pregnant ladies!! How are you all dealing with your first trimester nausea?
Q: what foods are you eating (and keeping down) and what seems to be helping with your nausea and loss of appetite. I'm 8 weeks and have zero appetite, i feel sick all day but i'm not throwing up and I cannot think of one thing to eat which would satisfy me although I do need to eat because I am feeling very tired and weak. My last pregnancy was perfect, no nausea at all, so this is a bit new to me, please offer advice if you can, thanks chickys : )
A: When I carried my daughter I ate saltine crackers (non-salted tops). When the alarm would go off in the morning I'd pop one in my mouth before moving. Just have them on you all day. Try drinking lots of fluids and anything that you can keep down is good. Just make a list of foods that you eat and it will be easy to remember what doesn't agree with you or the baby. I ate lots of soup and plain foods. It only lasted til about week 13 or 14 for me. Good Luck and Congrats!

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