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Can you take pain pills when your pregnant

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Most doctors say that it is okay to take regular strength Tylenol during pregnancy. However, avoid Ibuprofen or Advil. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-take-pain-pills-when-your-pregnant ]
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How to Take Pain Pills While Pregnant
・ 1 Avoid pain pills the first three months of your pregnancy. According to FamilyDoctor.org, certain prescription... ・ 2 Learn the risk factors of over-the-counter medication. According to American Family Physician, the... ・ 3 Communicate ...
Is it safe to take hydrocodone pain pills during pregnancy??
It's always best to consult with your OB-GYN while you're pregnant - even if it is for a non-pregnancy related problem like headaches. Sometimes headaches can be a sign of pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) or preeclampsia - so it is best...
What would happen if I took a few pain pills before I knew I was ...?
I'm aware that women shouldn't take certain drugs while pregnant, but I'm not qualified to know what they are. Your best bet is to talk to your gynecologist. He or she would be able to tell you whether the pain pills would have any effect o...

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Is it normal to have pain in your stomach when your pregnant.?
Q: I am 6 weeks pregnant and lately I have been having pain in the lower part of my stomach. I read online that you can have a misscarriage by taking vitiman C pills could this be the problem I use to take 2 vitiman C pills everyday before I knew I was pregnant. I just found out I was pregnant about 2 weeks ago my husband and I have been trying to have a baby for a long time and I am really scared that I may have harmed the baby taking these pills and if its not that what can this pain be it feels like my period is coming down. Please HelpI have already been to a doctor and also made another appointment to see someone else. The question was just to get other opions from women that may have gone through this before. I was pregnant 2 years but had no pain at all I had an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach being my first pregnancy I went to see a doctor who said everything was fine and about a week later I had a misscarriage. That's why I'm asking the question
A: the only thing i can really tell you, is to go see a doctor.best of luck to you.
If you were to get pregnant, and be on the pill, would you still get your period?
Q: Ok, so I'm supposed to start my period Wednesday, and I'm a little worried as to why I've been cramping and having lower back pain for about 3 weeks. I was wondering when I take the sugar pills, will I still get a period if I'm pregnant? Or should I not wait and take the test. And if I was pregnant, will it harm my baby? I don't really know if I can be pregnant, I haven't been getting sick. Just cramps and lower back pain.
A: Cramps and lower back pain are normal for periods and normal for when your close to getting your period. Birth control pills are never 100% effective, but the chances of you getting pregnant are next to none if you take them properly.If you'd be 4 weeks pregnant, then I don't think you'd have morning sickness. I think that starts around the 6th week.I suggest that you take a pregnancy test. If it comes back positive, stop taking the pill (obviously). Then I suggest you take another one to be sure. If that one comes back positive, then you'll know for sure that your pregnant.
Urgent! Need help regarding taking pain killers while possibly pregnant...?
Q: My period is a week late with no signs of coming soon (haven't had any cramping etc). I did miss 4 pills last month, but we only had sex once after that. I've taken 2 pregnancy tests but they both were negative. Could I be testing too early? The tests say you can do it from the first day your period is due, and I did it 5 and 6 days after it was due. My problem is while I suppose I'm probably not pregnant because the tests were negative, I know there is a small chance I still might be. And I am really unwell, I have had a very, very intense and painful headache for the last 4 days. I've been taking Nurofen Plus (which is over the counter, ibprofun and codiene). I'm worried I shouldn't be taking it because you are not supposed to take it when pregnant, but I really want to take some more... what should I do?
A: Ibuprofen can cause heart defects in unborn children and I am sure that the codeine isn't all that fabulous either. What you should be taking if you suspect pregnancy is Tylenol and a cup of coffee. The caffeine for some reason helps the tylenol work faster and better.

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