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Can you still get pregnant if you have a bladder infection

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Yes, if a woman has intercourse during ovulation, her chances of becoming pregnant are good, even is she has a bladder infection. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-still-get-pregnant-if-you-have-a-bladder-infection ]
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Can you get pregnant when you have a bladder infection??
Yes, most certainly. The urinary system is separate to the reproductive system and the infection will not affect it unless you are so ill that you would not be feeling like sex anyway!

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I think I have a bladder infection...help?
Q: Ok so for the last couple of days ive been having to pee constantly the feeling never goes away there really isn't that much pain except when me and my husband had sex it hurt REALLY bad today so we stopped Immediately. I have other symptoms too leaning a little more towards pregnancy but im not sure I had my period last month and my ovulation day was the 18th of this month so I don't think the symptoms are pregnancy unless 1) I got pregnant and still had my period or 2) my ovulation day was offBut my symptoms include, Nausea (just comes and goes), Sore breasts, Mood swings, and I've been really tired for the last few days.But I am leaning towards the bladder infection over the pregnancy so another thing about that is that there is no pain at all its just when I go pee when im done peeing (when the pee stops coming out) I have REALLY bad pressure so what do you girls think it is and what can I do to help it I'm guessing it just started a few days ago but I cant get to a doctor because I am in a different country right now and its really expensive I will go if it gets worse. For now I have cranberry juice and LOTS of water for my liquids what else might help the constant about to pee my pants sensation...Please help sorry its so longno the sex didnt hurt like that it hurt like me and hubby were having sex and I got a pain in my lower abdomen it didnt hurt THAT bad but I didnt want to take risks
A: Sorry but it doesn't sound like a bladder infection to me.
Can a bladder infection make you miss your period? ?
Q: Im 3 days late and im never usually late. Well i have been having to pee a lot lately like every 30 minutes to an hour and thats not normal for me at all. Its a possibility that pregnant but i have to wait to test. But another thing is that i dont have the sore feeling when i pee its just alot more often. and if i dont go right when i need to it feels like there is a lot of pressure down there and it hurts like i have been holding it for hours..im going to go to the doctor monday to get checked for a bladder infection and for pregnancy but id still like your thoughts on my question.. thanks a lot
A: No, a bladder infection has no effect on your period. However, early pregnancy can cause frequent urination, that is normal. However, if you have alot of burning or pain with urination you probably do have a bladder infection. If caught early enough you can treat it yourself with drinking cranberry juice and lots of water. However, if symptoms are bad enough you should see a doctor and be put on antibiotics.
Could my girlfriend still be pregnant?
Q: Okay SO this is like my 3rd time posting somehting like this lol ANYWAYS My girlfriend was on some birth control for her period idk why then her doctor took her off and said the latest she will be is 1 week she is 3 weeks late has symptoms of being pregnant sore breasts VERY increased body temperature she complains alot about feeling really really hott so she took a test and i guess it wasnt positive it was UNSURE so i dont get it? what the hell does that mean also she was on medication recently for a bladder infection and after she took the test she started bleeding the same night which was like days ago and said it was like dark blood so i think that makes a difference between light colored or something? idk i just dont get what unsure means i want to know if im going to be a dad or not thats all and its so damn confusing we are only 16 too so we cant go to a doctors like at the moment but yeah what should we do? i just want to find out so i can stop wondering Please only nice answers Thank YouYeah well i deleted the question so wtfs your problem dont post an answer if ur goin to say just that
A: posting more than ONCE is not necessary.

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