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Can you still finger yourself if your pregnant

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Yes, you can still masturbate while you are pregnant. Do you have another question for ChaCha? ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-still-finger-yourself-if-your-pregnant ]
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Can you still finger yourself if you're pregnant?
Why not u can as the baby is in a covered shield which is not damaged by normal intercourse or fingering & for information about this u can see this http://cant-ask-doctor.bravehost.com/
Can you still get pregnant if you whipe the semen off your hands ...?
I am 15 years of age. I have been sexually active for about 5 months now. Yeah I know young but I'm mature for my age and willing to take on my consequences. Its been with a guy I really care about. I was on my last day or two of my period ...
How women get pragnant?
the woman's ovary releases an ovum. the woman copulates with a man. the man's sperm travels through the cervix and uterus to the fallopian tube, where it fertilises the ovum. the embryo implants in the uterus, and grows into a baby.

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if you have his cum on your fingers and you finger yourself ..can you get pregnant?
Q: so lets say, he cums on the bed (a lot or a little) and you stick your fingers in it, and get the majority of it on your finger.. and finger yourself right afterwards, and lay there for some time, can you get pregnant??! does the cum live in your intil you ovulate 2 - 3 days later?please someone help, im trying to hard to conceive our first, its taken so long, im running out of hope. ive even given up my addiction to coffee24/7 : ( ..(minus my first morning cup of coffee though 5 days a week) (but am still using the law of attraction for my everyday life)
A: If you are trying to conceive why is he cumming on the bed? He should be cumming in you. I sure hope you ain't trying to trap this guy.
Changing your sense of style (without losing yourself!)?
Q: Okay, so I am fully prepared to sound super lame here. I apologize for that.Anyway. I am 24, married, and 11 weeks pregnant. Since becoming pregnant, I have felt this strong desire to makeover my self-image. Being pregnant makes me feel so feminine, but the second I look in the mirror, reality sets in and I feel... I don't know. Just not pretty or feminine at all.I am not a tomboy by any means, but I have never dabbled in make-up or jewelery (in fact, my husband put a huge rock on my finger, and I don't even feel "pretty enough" to wear it most of the time). I dress a bit on the "punk/indie" side. I get compliments on my style all the time, but I just don't want to be this person anymore. I developed this sense of style at a very young age, when I was big into live shows and the music scene. I still am into those things, but I am about to graduate college/start a career and am going to be a mother soon... so I want to look more the part. Does that make sense?I have tattoos galore. I do not regret any of them, but I also feel weird when I even try to dress out of my comfort zone because of them. I have dyed my naturally blonde hair dark for so long, that it looks ridiculous once it starts growing out and I feel like I am doomed to be a fake raven-haired girl for the rest of my life.I don't know exactly what I'm looking for here. Just some advice... like SMALL STEPS... on how to feel attractive and like a woman... instead of a little girl. I can't just go out and buy a pink frilly outfit and put on high heals right away, you know? How does one start to get into the things most girls get into when they are half my age? I wouldn't even know the first thing to buy if I decided to wear makeup, haha. I feel like I am having a major identity crisis and need some major help here! Anyone else ever changed their style drastically? Did you do it all in one step or did you take baby steps? Any women out there who never did their make-up or hair until well into their adulthood? I wish someone would send me to Clint and Stacy for help, haha. But since they won't, I am reaching out to complete strangers on yahoo answers. HELP! :)
A: Hey girl!Congrats on having a kid...like soonish and also for having an awesome wedding ring haha *Im random sorry*But um, I totally relate to you about wanting to change looks.I'm 19 and I used to have a more sloppy style...I would buy really cool clothing items, but nothing went together, I liked GIANT (as in a couple pounds heavy) thick plastic earrings, and I just didnt' look very put together. Anyways, recently I realized that I want to look more preppy cute/girly as well (no joke) sooo what I did was I shopped online at preppy stores, and in general for well-priced, but cute clothing to complete my new style. I have also started hitting up thrift shops for girly clothing, so that way I can get great deals and I won't back out on my word because the stuff is cheap anyway!Sooo I suggest shopping online and looking at what you purchased at one store to see what it would look like with clothing from another so that way you'll have awesome outfits when they arrive, and of course the thrifts :DAs far as your hair goes, I would suggest just letting it grow out, and maybe seeing a cosmetologist and having them teach you how to do your makeup and have them fix up your hair for you. If you make an appointment, chances are you'll find yourself actually going. Anyways...I say don't worry about baby steps. Just be who you want to :DAnd Ummm I've always had short hair my ENTIRE LIFE, but recently since starting college I've started growing it out PLUS I always used to have straight across bangs (which looked odd on me), but am growing those out as well AND I used to have lots of layers, but am (yes) growing those out as well. haha.Sooo I used to take baby steps, but never ended up looking that well, but this past couple months I spent a few hundred dollars and just went at it.>o< Good luck...and also, I'd suggest purchasing a cute designer bag to help with your look..They have these LV bags I LOVE with this shiny texture (great for not getting too dirty and for all weather) and in the sun they are kinda glittery:http://designerfaves.com/bmz_cache/1/1ea6591cac6510c89274eda5ff6c0be7.image.250x187.jpg I bought this one 2 years ago and it's my favorite bag (they dont sell this exact model anymore tho) :D It's very girly...I always check these out when I go to LV and serious...they are all very cute :D Anyways haha...good luck and I hope my randomness sortta helped. Im a bit scatter brained >o<
What is wrong with kids these days (rant about teen/tween pregnancy)?
Q: Kids as young as 11 are having unprotected sex and actually getting pregnant...and they're happy? What is wrong with them? I don't understand why they think it's going to be amazing. Society is not the only thing to blame. Not even parents (although they do have influence). The media has glamorized this teen pregnancy epidemic. I want it to stop. What upsets me the most is there are kids out there who are concerned and want to be safe but they don't know about great programs like Planned Parenthood etc. This can easily stop if schools would stop teaching kids about Abstinence. It's NOT going to happen. They're going to do it. Birth control should be pressured on these young girls. Almost forced. It saddens me that women- grown women- try so hard to conceive a child and fail when these girls- 14, 15, 16 etc. get pregnant with the snap of a finger and a load of ignorance. Why do CHILDREN think they can take complete care of another human being. It's a commitment for the rest of your life. If you're a teen mom and you have been successful, still have the father in your life, still have money, and still go to school...GOOD FOR YOU. You're a miracle. Current girls (and I'm hinting a GIRLS between 12-17) who are pregnant...you're life is going to be ruined. Do you know what you're getting yourself into? And don't give me this crap: "My parents support me" or "I'm wealthy and can handle it" OR the worst "I may be 14 but I'm completely mature".NEWS FLASH! You're NOT!!You're parents are ASHAMED no matter what they say. The realization that their daughter is a sl*t.... it kills them.Grow up you stupid kids. And close your damn legs...GET SMART AND DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU.Yeah, I know what it's like to be raped. I've been raped 4 times.But some girls don't give up the child if they're raped. And that's ignorant. But it's the girls choice to open their legs (unless raped). Their choice to keep it. I respect any girl who goes for adoption, good for them. Men are ignorant too when it comes to condoms etc, but ultimately it's the girl's choice.NOTE: I said if you still have the father in your life, can support the child, have your family and still go to school? GOOD FOR YOU.Don't bitch me out because I look down on FOURTEEN AND FIFTEEN year old girls getting pregnant.PS, you're "Marriages" won't last.I give it a year tops.Also I'm very much against feminism.
A: My Opinion is that teens and tweens want to get pregnant because they have been influenced or inspired to be a parent. kids that age shouldnt even be thinking about having sex.it is a thing that you do when you are older and mature not when your in your tweens.teenagers should definetley think about what they are doing before they do it.

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