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Can you still be pregnant if you spot or bleed In Between periods

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Yes, if you are pregnant and bleed it can be implantation bleeding. There are other reasons for breakthrough bleeding. as well. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-still-be-pregnant-if-you-spot-or-bleed-in-between-periods ]
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Can you still be pregnant if you spot or bleed in Between periods...?
Yes, you can still become pregnant if you are spotting or bleed in between periods and taking birth control pills. ChaCha Again!

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Mirena iud, period Once, only had it since August, pregnant or Normal?
Q: I had spotting on and off for about a week A week after insertion August 19th it was put in. (post partum). I am currently not breast feeding anymore for the last few weeks as well. And (was getting my period even while breast feeding). Now it will be 6 weeks This thursday without any period. ive had spotting twice in the last week, However it was only 2 seperate days when I wiped there a little bit of pink blood and only ONCE, one on one day and then one other occasion on another day. I signed up on the Mireana website since I have the Number from my IUD that you can sign up for information however its just basic facts. It did say If you did not get your period in 6 weeks then to test. So should I be worried. I am now not feeling well, (and i had horrible morning sickness when i was pregnant which started at 4 weeks, So I know its not too early for me to start feeling sick becaxuse by week 6 I was sick every day and ended up hospitalized from nvp. Anyways Should i be worried, I knwo it says it can stop your periods, However i was told my doctor not to expect that until 6months-1yrs after wards (and yes i can still feel my strings) and They stab my boyfriend every time we have sex. (not sure if that makes a difference, Im just worried because my mothers friend and husband felt the strings/iud and she ended up pregnant with twins. :S I really dont want another child, hence iud...... And I dont have intercourse that often (my bf is in a another city until He can find a job where i live) So it was teh best method for us.We had sex, august 21st- And maybe a few times after that (between 21st-31st)My last period(all spotting on and off for a week) was august 27th. We had sex before that, and the 30th of august and maybe 4-5 times from sept 15th-29th. Should I be worried, Or is this normal For IUD? (i had depo before, and i had a period for the first 3 months on that then they did stop. But ive read some woman have bleeding, spotting for 6months.......So I feel like i should be worried with not feeling well(nauseous)
A: I heard its pretty normal for you to stop get your period when you have Mirena. They probably just want you to test just to put your mind at ease.
Did my Birth Control Fail Me?
Q: Hey, Im 22 years old.I have 2 Children, My Daughter is almost 2 years, and my son is 3 months.Right after my son was born I went on Yazmine Birth Control. I take it everyday and have NEVER missed a day, I know that for sure, The b/c is making me spot but not a lot. I can still tell the Difference between my Period and Spotting. My Question is:I have been having some symptoms of pregnancy the last few days. And that honestly scares me. My Husband and I have both agreed that we didn't want anymore children for AWHILE! And now im getting queasy in the morning. Some food is starting to bother me. Eg: Brown Bread. I have never had that before. Im tired all the time. And no that's not because of my children lol. My daughter is very easy going. And my son is already sleeping though the night. So I get enough sleep. My lower back hurts, Im campy everyday and that has been like that for about a month. And Im on b/c so cramping when im not on my period just seems odd. My breasts are starting to feel heavy but NOT sore. But with my other kids they really didn't get sore anyways. Im having more mood swings, Im always feeling bloated and Ive been having constant headaches. I don't know if im just over reacting, or there is something going on that I just have a feeling about. Like I said before I AM on b/c ... its Yasmine. I have NEVER missed a pill. And I take it approximately the same time everyday. My husband an I have used condoms too but lately when Im not bleeding he doesn't want to use them and he does NOT pull out. So is there any chance I could be pregnant again. This is also the first time I have ever been on b/c. So I don't know if it might cause side effects that resemble pregnancy symptoms. I have bought a pregnancy test today. I haven't used it yet cause I know its pointless at the moment. I just started me new pack of b/c so there is still about 3 weeks till my period.Please if you have any opinions that could help me out. That would be awesome.
A: i'm on yasmin and have had a bunch of unprotected sex (with my boyfriend! of course) never gotten pregnant. we've been together almost 3 years.sorry if that is TMI! :p yasmin doesn't give me any of those effects...so you could possibly be pregnant....i'm a failed birth control baby...it's because my mom was on anti-biotics and didn't know that lowered the effectiveness of birth control. it happens. symptoms of pregnancy can happen when you FIRST start a birth control, it all depends on the person. they should go away, if not, consult your doctor.
Chemical Pregnancy and when do you finally miscarry? Maybe still pregnant? ?
Q: My last period was on Nov 5th. My cycle is on the dot, 35 days between periods (start to start). I took several pregnancy tests the week before my period was to come and they all came out faintly positive. Then the week after my missed period I had a blood test done and took another test and both were negative. My doctor thinks it was a chemical pregnancy or in other words an early miscarriage. I have two little boys, so I know what it's like to be pregnant. I'm super confused. I should have started my period on the 11th of Dec. During that week I had mild cramping that would happen for a day and then go away, on and off that entire week. I though I was going to start bleeding. Nothing. I haven't spotted at all. It's now almost 7 weeks since my last period. I have no cramping at all, but lots of hip pain, and my breasts are much fuller. My tummy is so bloated that I can't fit any jeans i should be able to wear. I took another test a couple of days ago, and it was again negative. Shouldn't I have starting bleeding by now? I'm always so regular, but if I have had a miscarriage so early, wouldn't I have been bleeding? Is there a chance that I'm actually still pregnant with all negative pregnancy tests? Has this happened to anyone?
A: a chemical pregnancy is were the egg fertilizes but does not attach i have had one and mine happened 3 days after my missed period i would ask for a blood test

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