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Can you still be pregnant after two periods

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You cannot have a period while you are pregnant because both of these functions cannot happen at the same time. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-still-be-pregnant-after-two-periods ]
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Can a girl still be pregnant even after not missing two periods??
I only had three months of medical school so far so I don't know.
Can you still be pregnant after 5neg HPT 1neg blood test and two ...?
uh i highly doubt you're pregnant. blood tests almost never come out negative because they test your blood if you're pregnant and the moment you become pregnant, it would be in your blood. and if you're doctor said you didn't feel pregnant,...
Could you still be pregnant after two missed periods and still ne...?
Well, I'm not sure when you posted your question, my guess is that by now you already know the answer. First let me say that it is crucial for a woman to know her own body and how regular you cycle is, and how long it is. A period may not b...

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Can you still be pregnant after 5neg HPT 1neg blood test and two periods past?
Q: Can you still be pregnant after 5 negative Home pregnancy test, 1 negative Blood test? So far Im two months from the actual date of the horrible drunken night. I took the Plan B pill 24 hrs later. got screwed up on that then found out I had a Candida bacterial infection. Was treated for that. and then tested for everything else under the sun. All came back negative. Im not sure if its due to stress but it appears that Iam ponching in the abdomen area. The doc felt around and said I didnt feel pregnant. (this all took place when it would have been a month from the date) So far I have had 2 periods since the date of drunken sex.So what do you think is it all in my head?
A: the problem's not below the neck.
Can you get pregnant two weeks after your period?
Q: I was just wondering if you can get pregnant two weeks after your period...my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex two weeks after my period...could I get pregnant?? I was also wondering if I could still get pregnant if his cum didn't all stay in there??
A: Um yeah, that's pretty much the time frame you are most fertile. And yes, it doesn't matter if it all stays in or not. It just takes one little sperm to make it through.
Can you still be pregnant after getting your Period?
Q: Last month i was worried because my period was supposed to be on 21, but it didn't happen. I thought i was pregnant, but then i got my period a week later on 28! Now i just got a light (not as strong as always) period and it's only 18 of May! Can i be pregnant? **I have NOT had unprotected sex anymore between these two periods**
A: If you are getting your period then you are not pregnant. Lots of people have irregular periods, and that is not something to worry about. And by the way, why is your avatar a guy? Just curious.

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