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Can you have morning sickness at night when your pregnant

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Morning sickness can strike any time in the day or evening during pregnancy. It can begin as early as 2 weeks after conception. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-have-morning-sickness-at-night-when-your-pregnant ]
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Can you have morning sickness at night when you are pregnant??
Not Medical Advice: Morning sickness can happen at any time of the day or night when pregnant. More than half of all pregnant women experience it.
I have morning sickness and I always feel sick during the night. ...?
Hi Tammy Well if you skipped your periods 5 times and have felt sick chances are you are pregnant. Have you gained any weight or had any other signs? You need to take a pregnancy test and go to the doctor asap because it is to late for a...
Is There A Way That You Can Having Morning Sickness At Night Whil...?
Yes i think the name morning sickness has just stuck actually it can be at anytime of the day but often at its worst first thing due to low blood sugar from not eating for some hours some women also feel dizzy/faint you could at any time tr...

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Pregnant sickness (aka morning sickness)... When to tell what's what?
Q: So we all know, if you've had a pregnancy before or are are for the first time, that some of us get morning sickness (for some morning, noon and night sickness lol). The trouble is, when you spend all this time with a sore stomach, when do you know if your stomach is telling you it's hungry or just upset or digesting? I can't really tell. I ate a 7, know I need to eat at around 9 to keep the flow of small meals/snacks frequently, but it's 8:15 and I can't tell if my stomach is gurgling from digesting, upset or I'm getting hungry again... Has anyone deciphered to code? It all feels the same to me: BAD!
A: Just nibble, I was literally sick everyday for four months. Snack on some crackers, ginger ale, bananas, toast. The way I would know if I was hungry vs sick, was if I ate and kept It down, I was hungry, if I got sick I wasn't.
How bad can morning sickness be?
Q: I am almost 6 weeks pregnant with my first. So far so good, i am having a bad cough at night and morning and sore boobs. but no nausea or morning sickness yet. How bad can it really be? When does it start? How many weeks will it last? Share your experiences with me. Thank you!Thank you alll!! My best friend is having a baby today and she had no morning sickness i am hoping and praying this will be the same with me. Thank you all so very much.
A: Everyone is different. My mom was deathly ill for her entire pregnancy. I was expecting the worst...but I only puked 3 times. I felt sick for 3 months and by 4 months I started to feel much better. I'm at 5 months now and eat great. Pregnancy is much easier than I thought it would be.You might not get sick at all. Just take one day at a time. If you start to feel sick, eat small meals and drink lots of water. Also I found that ginger cookies helped..and not lying down after meals.
8 weeks Pregnant when does it STOOOOOP ?
Q: Ok the morning/evening/night sickness for me I can't take it when does it stop because it makes me feel like I can't eat its annoying I don't throw up at all but it feels like I want to, this is my first pregnancy LOL DON'T LAUGHT AT ME but I honeslty thought your belly just grows and you go on living your happy little life all the way to birth I didn't know emotions, feeling tired all the time, and morning sickness throughout the entire day was was involved .Pregnant people looked normal and happy to me when I saw them they were living a lie .My mother should of told me, I don't think I'm coming back for round 2 girls sorry. HAIL TO THOSE WHO HAVE MORE THAN ONE CHILD.You Guys Are the Best I'm going to try some of these advices there bound to work thank you .
A: I was a child birth educator and this is really common. At 12 weeks there's a magical thing that happens, all of a sudden you feel back to your old self. Most people really feel better at this time. Spend the next four weeks sleeping 10-12 hours a night if you feel like it, going out for lunch with friends, and nurturing yourself as much as you want. My fav book is "What to Expect When You're Expecting." It will be your bible thru the pregnancy. Go get it as soon as you can. Blessings.

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