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Can you have a period after implantation bleeding

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No, if you had implantation bleeding and are pregnant, you will not have a period again until after the baby is born. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-have-a-period-after-implantation-bleeding ]
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Can Implantation Bleeding Come 4 Days After Your Period Was Suppo...?
If you're periods are irregular than your ovulation time frame would be irregular too. This could be less days after ovulation then you are calculating because your periods are not like clockwork. So yes, it could be implantation bleeding. ...
Can implantation bleeding happen after your period??
Hi, ive had the same problem. my period was on the 1st and last couple of days. on the 14th i got up and went to the toilet and had pinky waterly discharge in my knickers. Ive never had this before...at first i thought my period going to st...
Is Implantation Bleeding After Period Due Date?
Implantation bleeding occurs around 10 days after ovulation or in other words a week to a few days before period. If you have bleeding after due date of your period then it is not implantation bleeding but can be spotting or irregular perio...

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how long after implantation bleeding & missed period can you take a pregnancy test?
Q: i am pretty positive i had implantation bleeding , that started on tuesday last week and ended yesterday . & i have a missed period because i was supposed to start yesterday ., how long do i have to wait untill i can take a pregnancy test. also , i had unprotected sex & my boyfriend didnt withdrawl , october 16 .
A: using a home pregnancy test first response lets you know up to six days before your missed period but use your first morning urine because it is the most concetrated. if you do it at night chances are you would have drank enough liquids to dilutes your urine causing the hormone hcg to be undetectable.
Is it possible to have implantation bleeding right after your period, more detail enclosed?
Q: Can you get period after having conceived? Say you conceive about two weeks before your period, can you have it, then have implantation bleeding?I got my period on the 14th to the 19th. I had sex on the 20th, using a spermicidal lube condom for the first time if that makes a difference. Anyway after I noticed that I had spotting even though my period appeared to be completely gone. It was bright red and thin. Now I just have light brown discharge, and cramping, even though my cramps went away after day 2 of my period. I know it takes a couple of weeks to get implantation bleeding and I would have that instead of a period, but could I have conceived then had a period then implantation bleeding? Also if it makes a difference my period was a little lighter than normal.The having sex after my period was just a detail. I had sex dozens of times before it as well.
A: No you can NOT have implantation bleeding right after your periodThat is residual bloodImplantation occurs 2 weeks after ovulation.. You started your period the egg is already goneI asked the same question and got this response from some one in the medical field.
No period after miscarriage? Implantation bleeding?
Q: I miscarried on Sept 26th at 5 weeks in pregnancy. After the miscarriage I was devastated and was very upset for a few weeks, I was so upset I decided I was going to try and get pregnant any chance I could, so since then my husband and I have been trying. I talked to my doctor and others that I knew miscarried and they said I should have my period again a month after the miscarriage bleeding and I have not had a period yet. ALTHOUGH last week I had brown spotting 2 times when I wiped then a day later had pink/red spotting 1 time when I wiped, I thought I was starting my period but it just stopped out of no where. I know brown is old blood but where did the red come from? Possible Implantation bleeding? I never had implantation bleeding when I was pregnant before so I don't know how long you can have it or if it's blood or just pink...mine was just pink when I wiped.I'm the director of 2 Pregnancy Centers, you'd think I'd know this but we don't hear many specifics regarding the implantation bleeding. So if anyone would like to help me out that would be GREAT!Thanks all!KGI should probably add some more details...I had an ultrasound by an RDMS last Friday and she said my uterus and ovaries looked like they were back to normal after the miscarriage.I take about 2 pregnancy tests a day and they have all been negative.
A: Implantation bleeding is different for everyone. Implantation bleeding can occur anywhere from 6-12 days after possible conception. Every woman will experience implantation bleeding differently—some will lightly spot for a few hours, while others may have some light spotting for a couple of days. I'm in a similar situation. I had a miscarriage on 5th August when i'm 7 weeks. I tried immediately to get pregnant again since the doctor says it's okay. 3 weeks after 5th August I felt pregnant again. I took the pregnancy test then and was positive. I went for a ultrasound at 5 weeks and i can see my baby's birth sac. I had a little spotting around 4 weeks. Currently i'm 13 weeks but have low lying placenta. So i have bleeding on and off still. Good luck to you !You can view my baby's ultrasound and video athttp://joanna-shawn.blogspot.com/

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