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Can you get your tongue pierced while being pregnant

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Internal mouth piercings have some of the highest risks of infection. And, an infection that affects you also affects baby. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-your-tongue-pierced-while-being-pregnant ]
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Is it safe to get your tongue pierced while pregnant?
If you are healthy and up to the task there is no reason why you couldn't get your tongue pierced. However you must remember that whatever stresses (and yes it is stressful) you put yourself through you put the baby through as well. That be...

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Can you get a tongue piercing while your pregnant?
Q: See i have wanted a tongue ring for a long time coming now, and i've been patient enough wait and get it done once my mother can't have any say so. now that i've come up pregnant im having second thoughts but i still want it done VERY badly. My fiance and i are planning a trip to Albany soon and that would be the perfect time to get it done. But the question is... can i? As much as i would hate to do it i would wait longer if it means protecting my baby from anything. Hey i waited this long, I can wait longer. And by the way I'm going on 4 months now.
A: I would not recomend it at all take a look at the links below. I know too well what can happen....... Take a look at the pictures in the frist link they are rather nice to look at...... NOT
New piercings while Pregnant?
Q: I really want to get a new tattoo, but I know that I cannot get one until after the baby and after I am finished breastfeeding. So, my husband is coming home for his 10 day leave from his deployment and I was wondering if when he goes to get his tattoo, if I can get my tongue pierced?Are you allowed to get piercings, like your tongue pierced while being pregnant?
A: The reason that they tell you that you should not get piercings while pregnant, is because of the risk of infection. If you get an infection, chances are, so will your baby. They even ask you when you are in the piercing studio, if you are pregnant. Plus with it being swollen for almost a week afterward, you cant eat very much. And eating is something you have to do while pregnant.Plain and simple, you don't want to do anything that could potentially harm your baby.Just wait until after the baby is here!!!BTW congrats on the pregnancy!!!
Can this Really happen to your baby?
Q: I heard that if you get your tongue pierced while your pregnant than your baby can be born with a whole in it's tongue... I also heard if you get your lip pierced while being pregnant than your baby will have a scar or mark on it's lip... Is this true??
A: Nope. Piercings are not hereditary.

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