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Can you get pregnant while going through menopause

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Yes, it is possible to get pregnant while you are going through menopause but only with medical help. It's unlikely, but possible. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-pregnant-while-going-through-menopause ]
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Can you get pregnant while going through menopause
Yes, it is possible to get pregnant while you are going through menopause but only with medical help. It's unlikely, but possible.
Can I still get pregnant while going through menopause??
It is possible to get pregnant while you are going through menopause. Continue to use birth control if you do not want to have a baby. You may need to use birth control until you have gone about a year without having a period. Ask your care...
Can your still get pregnant while going through menopause??
Well yes, it is possible to get pregnant while you are going through menopause. You should continue to use birth control if you do not want to have a baby. You may need to use birth control until you have gone about a year without having a...

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Does anyone know if while going through menopause...you can get pregnant?
Q: my menstral cycle is once a year. Could I still have eggs left?
A: I'm not sure about during menopause. But my x-hhusbands aunt got pregnant 10 years after she was done with menopause. And his mother suddenly had a peroid 15 years hers.I thought I was starting menopause when I started feeling strange, while on depot. shots. And found out I was pregnant...at age 44.I wouldn't change having my daughter. But did find out our bodys do what they want, when they want. So plan for the unexpected.
Can you have a period and still be pregnant?
Q: I started my period on Saturday as scheduled. Today (Tuesday) I started having bad lower back pain (enough to take 2 advils), I got really nauseated after I ate lunch and then vomited my lunch up. Since lunch I have also experienced some hot flashes (I am 21, not going through menopause) and nausea after I at supper. I only have nausea after I eat. Has anyone had a period while pregnant or know someone who has? Also, if symptoms continue, when would be the best time to take pregnancy test?Also have dark nipples and tender breasts, but I have this every month with my period.Just took a pregnancy test...it was negative.
A: yes u can have your peroid when your pregnant. sum girls have it the entrie time there pregnant. and as far as takin a test.. anytime is a good time and you will never know the answer till u take a test...good luck
Sex and sexual myths -- what did you believe?
Q: My boyfriend, our friends and i were talking last night about sex and sexual myths we heard through high school and we just thought they were funny, how ridiculous some of them sounded. We compiled a list and came up with 53 myths, there were probably more...just didn't pop into our heads. Did any of you believe these at some point? Have any others you've heard?1.Men want sex more than women do.2.If you're a truly great lover, you should know how to please anyone.3.African-American men have bigger penises.4.Happy couples have good sex most of the time.5.If you have to plan sex, and it isn't spontaneous, something's wrong.6.Men are more promiscuous than women.7.If they had an affair, they don't love me.8.Women don't like porn or dirty sex.9.Most women orgasm through intercourse.10.Men are always ready for and want sex.11.If a girl has sex during her period, there is no chance of pregnancy.12.You can't get pregnant if it is your first time having sex.13.Drinking lots of Mountain Dew will decrease sperm count, and thus prevent pregnancy, thanks to the coloring agent Yellow No. 514.You can't get pregnant from anal sex.15.A girl who hasn't started menstruating can't get pregnant.16.Two condoms are better than one.17.If you use someone's birth control pills before having sex, you won't get pregnant.18.You can't get STDs or STIs from giving or recieving oral sex.19.If you douche or go to the bathroom after sex, you will decrease the chance of pregnancy.20.You can't get pregnant or catch an STD in a shower, bath, or pool.21.The condition "blue balls" is something guys make up.22.Men think about sex every seven seconds.23.Semen is low-carb.24.Guys Like Kisses with Tons of Tongue.25.You can't get pregnant during unprotected sex if the man pulls out before he ejaculates.26.Condoms are 100% safe.27.You can’t get pregnant while on the pill.28.It’s safe to have sex as soon as you start the pill.29.Missing one pill doesn’t matter.30.If a condom breaks, there’s nothing you can do.31.All guys hate using condoms.32.Female orgasm can help a woman conceive.33.Not all women have a G-spot.34.Women no longer have sex after menopause.35.A same-sex fantasy must mean I'm gay.36.Sex is bad for people with heart disease.37.It's bad sex if I don't have an orgasm.38.Sex during pregnancy might hurt the baby.39.Heterosexuals can’t contract STDs.40.You get pregnant if you take folic acid. 41.A boy is only fertile if his testicles feel cold.42.You can’t get pregnant if you 'wash' with coca cola.43.You can’t get pregnant having sex standing up.44.Jumping up and down after sex stops you getting pregnant.45.You can get pregnant through oral sex.46.You can reuse condoms.47.If you don't have a condom you can use saran wrap, a baggie or a grocery bag.48.Losing weight will make your penis bigger.49.Unsightly dark bags under the eyes, hair growing thicker in unattractive places, and decreased ability to get and maintain an erection are all symptoms of excessive masturbating.50.Masturbation causes gas.51.If you go to a particular bar on a particular night wearing a red T-shirt, or run through the park naked during the first full moon of the semester you'll definitely get lucky.52.Virgins can't experience orgasms.53.You can get STIs from oral sex, but you'll be safer if you brush your teeth right after.
A: My thoughts (T/F):1. F2. F, everyone is different.3. T, on average4. T5. F, not necessarily6. F, both can be7. T8. F, i know some that do9. F, most through masturbation (i've heard)10. F, usually but not always11. F, though unlikely, it is possible12. F, if you've past menarche, then yes13. idk, but that's what i've heard, T14. T, as long as no sperm goes inside the vagina.15. T16. F, they're designed to be used one at a time, friction between the 2 can weaken them both.17. not sure18. F, some you can, like herpes19. F, you might push the sperm closer to the cervix...20. F21. F, they actually can turn blueish after a while (happened to me)22. F, we wouldn't get anything done.23. idk24. F, depends on the guy25. F, precum may contain sperm26. F, upper 90s27. F, i think so?28. T, maybe?29. F, prolly matters.30. F, replace it and hope for the best.31. F, i don't32. T, i heard that somewhere33. F, i think they all do, some can just get it off easier34. F, are you serious?35. F, not necessarily36. T, might be37. T38. T, in the 3rd trimester39. F, what??40. F41. F42. F, where did you hear that?43. F44. F45. F46. F, that's just gross47. F, that's unsafe48. F, no effect49. F, masturbation affects none of these50. F, but it can be easier to fart while doing it if you do have gas51. F52. F, oh yes they can.53. F

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