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Can you get pregnant when you have not pop your cherry

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Yes, but not usual. The hymenal ring is usually destroyed the first time you have intercourse. It can sometimes remain intact. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-pregnant-when-you-have-not-pop-your-cherry ]
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Can you get pregnant if he does not bust or pop the cherry??
The hymen doesn't cover the entrance to the vaginal canal just parts of it, if you still have it. Most women don't. If he has semen on his fingers and stick those inside of you you can get pregnant and the hymen can still be intact. If he i...
Can you get pregnant if your partner does not pop your cherry.?
you were VERY lucky not to have gotten pregnant at 14. ANYTIME you have unprotected sex, you run a HIGH chance at getting knocked up. once you ARE ready to have children go off the birth control. it may take a little while to get pregnant i...
Can a girl get pregnant if her cherry has not been popped??
Of course she can, because girls don't have "cherries" and nothing down there goes "pop". If you are talking about the HYMEN, well, that certainly doesn't function as birth control. It won't keep sperm or anything else o...

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can you get pregnant when your cherry has not popped?
A: Yes any introduction of sperm into that area can result in a pregnancy, no matter how it gets there (fingers, penis touching vagina but not inserted). And you can actually get pregnant before you have a period too. Sometime in the month before you have your first period a female will ovulate. If there is sperm there to meet that egg then it can result in a pregnancy before a female has ever had a period (extremely rare but POSSIBLE).
Can You get pregnant if your boyfriend rubs his penis against my vagina?
Q: So me and my boyfriend got a little out of control and he rubbed his penis against my vagina but it did not ejaculate and didn't put it inside can i still get pregnant? and also is it a myth that your cherry has to pop in order to get pregnant when you are a virgin?
A: I am pretty sure that I will not get pregnant no matter how much my boyfriend rubs his penis against your vagina.I didn't know that I had a boyfriend.Come to think of it, I didn't think I was gay.Oh well, I guess you learn something new every day.
This isn't a ??, just some info to help some girls/women who believe myths about getting pregnant!?
Q: Pregnancy: Myths and FactsMyth: I can't get pregnant if I have my period. Fact: You can get pregnant if you have vaginal sex while you have your period. Sperm can survive inside of you anywhere from a day to almost a week, which means that the sperm could still be waiting for an egg to fertilize when you ovulate. If you decide to have sex while you have your period, you should still use birth control. And you should always use a condom since it is the only effective protection we have against sexually transmitted infections (STI's). STI's don't care if you have your period or not, they can be passed on to you at anytime so it's best to protect yourself every time you have sex. If you think you may be pregnant, take a home pregnancy test right away. Ultra sensitive home pregnancy tests can give you results as quickly as six to eight days after conception. Myth: I can't get pregnant if he doesn't ejaculate inside of me. Fact: You can get pregnant if your partner ejaculates inside your vagina or on or near your vulva (this is your external genitals including the opening to your vagina). There is also something called pre-ejaculate which is a small amount of fluid that contains thousands of sperm. It is called pre-ejaculate because your partner releases it before he actually ejaculates. Because of pre-ejaculate, the withdrawal method (when your partner pulls out before he climaxes) is not a reliable birth control method. Myth: I can't get pregnant if he doesn't put his penis inside of me.Fact: Pregnancy can occur when your partner ejaculates or pre-ejaculates near or on your vulva. Even if you and your partner do not engage in vaginal sex, there is still a chance of getting pregnant if there is naked body contact. So use birth control, like a condom, which will also help to protect you from STI's. Myth: I can't get pregnant the first time I have sex. Fact: You can get pregnant any and every time you have sex, it doesn't matter if it is your first time or not. Plus, females are the most fertile when they are teenagers and in their early 20's, so always use a reliable form of birth control. Myth: If I washout my vagina after sex, I won't get pregnant.Fact: Whether you wash with hot water, soap, or use a douche, it won't make a difference. Sperm are really fast swimmers and will get to their destination before you even have chance to think about it. Also, using something like a douche may actually help them along by giving them an extra thrust into your cervix. Also, your body works naturally to suck the sperm up into the womb, so washing after sex won't help you prevent a pregnancy. Only birth control will. Myth: I can't get pregnant if my hymen doesn't break.Fact: Your hymen has nothing to do with your ability to get pregnant. As well, many girls' hymens don't break when they have sex for the first time (you might have also heard of this as "popping the cherry"). The hymen is a thin piece of skin that stretches across the opening of your vagina. There are different hymen sizes and openings while some girls may not even seem to have a hymen. Plus, your hymen can break from doing things like horseback riding or even riding your bike. If you have had unprotected sex, you can get pregnant, no matter what state your hymen is in.Baby #1 Due Mid December! --> I know exactly what you mean! These girls should be educated before they start having sex!! It's amazing how little some girls know about sex, and still continue to do it, unsafely!I hope it doesn't get deleted or reported. I think it's a good thing to get accurate information out there. Esp now, since having a baby at 16 seems to be the thing to do! (16 and Pregnant is a new show on MTV, which I think is a horrible idea!!)Here is my question: How helpful was this information and how many people beleived these myths??
A: I've also heard of some girls thinking they wont get pregnant if they're on top or they stand on there head or something those arent true eitherand yes this info is beneficial to those w/ questions about getting pregnant and I knew this loland 16 and pregnant is SUPPOSED to show how hard it is to raise a baby young but i've never seen the show so i dont know how well its doing

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