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Can you get pregnant if you have cysts on your ovaries

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It is possible to become pregnant with cysts on your ovaries. A serious problem like PCOS gives a higher rate of miscarriage. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-pregnant-if-you-have-cysts-on-your-ovaries ]
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Can you get pregnant if you have a cyst on your ovary??
I'm not sure but I'm sure you'll find the answer on www.gurgle.com check it out.
How do you get pregnant if you have cysts on your ovaries?
Ovarian cysts will usually not effect your ability to have kids. For the majority of women, the presence of ovarian cysts has no impact on their ability to conceive. Typically, ovarian cysts remain small and don't interfere with ovulation o...
Can I Get Pregnant With an Ovarian Cyst?
So you've just been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. Maybe you've been trying to get pregnant for sometime and this is the reason you have been unsuccessful in conceiving. I am sure a lot of questions have been racing through your head since...

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Can a pregnancy test give you a false positive if you have cysts on your ovaries?
Q: Two weeks ago, I was told by my ob/gyn that I had polycystic ovaries. He did an exam and vaginal ultrasound. Three days ago, I took an over the counter pregnancy test and it was positive. I retested the next day with the same result. When I called the doctor today, they told me that I probably was not pregnant since the doctor didn't see it on the ultrasound and that I had to do a serum pregnancy test before they would give me an appointment. I did that this afternoon, but have to wait for at least 2 days for the result. I am trying not to get my hopes up, but really want to be pregnant. So could the cysts on my ovaries have caused false positiv results?
A: No, the cysts on your ovaries could not have caused the positive pregnancy test results. Pregnancy tests check for a specific type of hormone, called HCG, that is released when you are pregnant. This hormone is only present in your body when you are pregnant so a positive test result can only mean that you are expecting. Congratulations!There could be a number of reasons why your doctor did not notice your pregnancy on the ultrasound. First, it takes several weeks for the egg sac to grow to a size that makes it easily detected on an ultrasound. If your doctor performed the ultrasound before the 6th or 7th week or so of your pregnancy, t is very possible that evidence of the pregnancy was too small to detect by ultrasound. This is especially true if the doctor performed an external (wand on your belly) ultrasound instead of an internal vaginal ultrasound. Most doctors will perform an internal ultrasound first during pregnancy specifically because the fetus and egg ac are so small early on.Secondly, if your doctor had no reason to suspect you were pregnant, it would have been easy for him to miss evidence of an early pregnancy, especially since early fetuses can be so hard to detect via ultrasound. Finally, chemical pregnancies and ectopic pregnancies do occur can cause a positive test result. Becuase the egg has not implanted in the uterus, there would be no evidence of a pregnancy found using typical ultrasound equipment. I hope this helps! Good luck!
if you have a cyst on your ovaries can you still get pregnant.?
A: Yes, my my aunt and grandma both had cyst's on there ovaries and each concieved. My aunt had 3 kids and my grandma had 5 children.~keep your head up!!you will be just fine. Keep going in for checkups, because it can lead to many other problems!! good luck.
Can you get pregnant after the removal of your ovaries?
Q: I had my left ovary removed 9 years ago after a large cyst was found. I've recently been getting pain on my right side where my ovary is, I'm being sent for an ultrasound to check. If they have to remove the right one as well is there any way to get pregnant? I ask because my friend's cousin's wife (long link I know) has to have her ovaries removed and the only way she can have a child is to fertilize an egg straight away and impregnate her. Does anyone know what this procedure is because if I have to lose my ovary I want to ask about it. ThanksNo, I know I can't get pregnant naturally but from what I know the operation involves fertising one of the remaining eggs and getting you pregnant before the menopause starts.
A: Well since your ovaries produce your eggs I dont see how it would be possible to get pregnant. You might want to look into storing your eggs for future use. I know that sounds weird.

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