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Can you get pregnant if you have chlamydia

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Yes. If that happens, you can pass Chlamydia to your baby. Young, sexually active females should be tested once a year. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-pregnant-if-you-have-chlamydia ]
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Can you get pregnant with chlamydia?
I would get checked out for sexually transmitted diseases by your doctor soon (HIV, Syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia) especially if your ex boyfriend had chlamydia in the past. If you have one of these diseases it can affect your fallopian tu...
Can a woman who had chlamydia get pregnant
Yes you can but it is difficult because of the scarring from the chlamydia causes and it is potentially unhealthy
What happens if I get Chlamydia when I'm pregnant??
Chlamydia may be linked to early miscarriage or premature birth of the baby. It can be passed to the baby during the birth and (less commonly) before the baby is born. This can cause inflammation and discharge from the baby's eye (conjuncti...

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chlamydia makes you infertile does that mean i can never get pregnant? ?
Q: i had chlamydia i don't know for how long i got treated for it and before i knew i had it until now i have been trying to get pregnant does chlamydia make u infertile if yes for how long???
A: I had it and have treated it and like you did not no how long i had it for , although i don't think i had it more than 3 years. I had no pain or signs. I got pregnant 2 years ago and miscarried. I treated mine a year ago and spent 6 month asking for tests to see if i had damaged my tubes. I had a scan 6 weeks ago and i have 2 blocked tubes. As scans are not clear i am having a lap and dye test in a few weeks to see if anything can be done but i have been told to expect the worse and to expect IVF.Of course this is not always the case but given your history it maybe worth if possible having a scan. There could be other problems. Also it can take a year for a healthy couple to conceive
pregnant with chlamydia?
Q: okay, to make this short i was stupid, a year ago i slept with my ex and ended up getting chlamydia, he just found out he had it, so i just found out i have it as well. and im 11 weeks pregnant. well doc didnt seem too worried, and i have already taken all my antibiotics, so im fine. but my husband is going to get tested tomorrow, and of course we are not having sex to avoid the risk of re-infection. well im freaking out! cause me and my hubby have/had oral sex, and will those antibiotics also treat it there if the infection was in our mouths/throats as well (they didnt test me there)? and can i get re-infected if i kiss him? if your gonna be rude, i will report you! i just need to know anything and everything about this because my doc was not very clear when i asked her these questions. also, i had a pap my last appointment, that is how they found out i had this, well she told me they would not re-test me for it cause ive been treated. can i request another pap or test for chlamydia cause i want to be 100% sure that it is gone in me and my hubby!i dont mean to sound rude, but answer #2, did you even read my question? or did you just read the title
A: well if you have taken all your antibiotics as prescribed then you should be fine. I am glad that you and your husband are not sleeping together until he is tested and finish taking the antibiotics which he will most likely have to take since both are you had unprotected sex. I think that it is important for the doctor to retest you to make sure all is well. with regard to the oral sex part, if you have taken the antibiotics then that should help to clear out all of the bacterial infection. Take care. That is why prenatal is vital so that infections and other problems could be caught on time and treated. Good luck with you and your baby.
Help chlamydia, whilst pregnant?
Q: i had chlamydia when i was about 12 weeks pregnant! but i got rid of it and i my baby was ok! now i am 24 weeks and i have it again what will happen to my baby, will it definitely be premature or could it die, ive herd you cant take the tablets whilst pregnant cos it would die, so i have to keep so my baby would be premature, ive also herd that it could die when it was about 2 or 3? PLEASE HELP! and give me all the information you have.and is it true that you can only get chlamydia if they c** up you? and i was not my fault for this chlamydia he was meant to be my, boyfriend so i thought it would be safe! :(
A: If you have chlamydia you need to be treated. Why did you get it twice? You still need to use protection, even if it is "meant to be".

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