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Can you get pregnant after you finish your period

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It is extremely unlikely that you can get pregnant right after you finish your period; however, it has happened! Always use BC! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-pregnant-after-you-finish-your-period ]
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Can You Get Pregnant After You Finish Your Period?
・ The menstrual cycle varies depending on age. The menstrual cycle is on average 28 days. For adult women... ・ Each woman is different and so are her ovulation times. The most fertile time during a menstrual cycle... ・ Immediately after a...
Can you get pregnant after your period finish?
Dear Leslie, If you mean within the day or two after your period is done, the chances of conception are very low at that time. Not completely impossible - but very low. The most fertile time of your cycle are the five days surrounding ovula...
When does a woman get pregnant? After finish her period or before...?
12/13 day from the first day of your period .i think you hav around a week .i,ve got pregnant three times doing this and within the first month of trying for each of my pregnancy

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Is it possible u could get pregnant just after you finish your period?
Q: Hey stupid question but ive heard that you can get pregnant if you have sex after you just finish your period. Has anyone ever experienced this???...Don't mean to get into too much detail but....my bf came inside me 2 times on the third and 4th day after my period...could i possibly become pregnant???...thanks
A: it happens - less likely but possibleeven during your period you canplease stop having unprotected sex dear - birth control and condoms are not hard to findedit: maddy - just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you know how not to get pregnant - obviously....you're very very wrong
How soon can you get pregnant after finishing your period?
Q: I came off the mini pill about a month and a half ago. I have just finshed a normal period on saturday which lasted about 8 days, could I get pregnant now
A: Yes! Go for it.I finished my period on a thursday and fell pregnant on the monday :-)
Can you get pregnant a day after you finish your period?
Q: Hi everyone! I got my period on Nov. 15th and it finished on Nov. 19th! The day after on Nov. 20th he put his private part in me just like half ways for like 5 seconds and i told hime to stop! He did not come; he didn't finish!!..We were not using any protection!..Please help!!..Thank you!!
A: first: how old are you?second: its not possible because you are not ovulating

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