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Can you get cramps if your pregnant

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Cramps are not uncommon in early pregnancy. If they become severe or persist for long periods of time, notify your doctor. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-cramps-if-your-pregnant ]
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Can you still get cramps or back pain when you are pregnant?
Cramps can have a variety of causes during pregnancy. They can be caused simply from the gas and bloating that often occur.
Do you get cramps when you are pregnant?
Yes, you can get cramps when you are pregnant. This is called implantation cramping which is where the egg implants itself to the uterus. Cramping can also be caused by the expanding of your uterus to support the weight of your growing baby...
Am i pregnant? I get stomach cramps, tired all the time? Could i ...?
Those are symptoms for a TON of different things (i.e flu, food poisoning, etc.), pregnancy being only one of many. The only thing that can possibly tell you your answer is taking a pregnancy test.

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How late is too late with your period and possible pregnancy?
Q: Typically I have a 29 day cycle on average.Last month it was 32.This month I am on 33. I've never been longer than 32 so this is the latest.My partner an I arent "trying" exactly but have had unprotected sex for a couple months.I was just wondering the likelyhood of pregnancy. I mean, a few days ago I was having those slight sligh cramps (usually a sign my period is coming) but I have heard you can still get them if you are pregant (yes..no?) but they have kind of subsided.Please dont suggest a home test as I will do that this afternoon, just any opinons would be great, or clarification if you can get those pre-period slight cramps if your pregnant.Thanks :)
A: Yea, you can still get cramps if you are pregnant. Sometimes it is a symptom of pregnancy.I have a friend who this happened to, she swore she was going to start and she ended up being 6 weeks pregnant. Good luck...and congrats if you are!
Can you still experience lower stomach cramping and back pain when your pregnant i feel like i always feel?
Q: when im getting ready to start my period but im very late and wanted to know if you could still have these pains even when your pregnant ?
A: Yes you still have the same symptoms as you period, thats why it's hard to tell sometimes when you are pregant until you take a test. Only was to be sure is to take a test. Good Luck!!!
If you are pregnant, will you have period cramps when your first period is supposed to start?
Q: I usually have period cramps when I have my period. We are trying to get pregnant I am 3 days late. I feel like maybe I could be pregnant but I woke up today with cramps. There is no sign of a period besides the cramps. Can you have cramps or other symptoms of pms during your first missed period?
A: Yes, You may be pregnant.The cramps you are having may be implantation crapms, which are very similar to period pains. It is when the egg attatches its self on the lining of your womb, This usualy occurs 7-10 days after conception.Good luck sweety x

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