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Can you eat ramen noodles when your pregnant

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Ramen noodles are one of those "fast foods" to avoid while pregnant. They are packed with salt, fat & little else. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-eat-ramen-noodles-when-your-pregnant ]
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Can i eat ramen noodles while pregnant?
It's fine to eat them (although consider that one cup of them pretty much takes care of your entire days worth of sodium!)
Is it ok to eat ramen noodles while pregnant?
Ramen noodle are fine to eat...In moderation, of course. Ramen is LOADED with sodium. Maybe ad some veggies and chicken to give it more substance and make a little healthier!
Is it safe 2 eat raw ramen noodles while pregnant??
No, you and the baby are perfectly safe, Ramen noodles aren't much more different than regular hard spaghetti except they have a lot more salt and preservatives.

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Is it safe to have Mono sodium glutamate when pregnant.?
Q: My Aunt and my friend claim that they were told by their Dr.s not to eat anything that has MSG in it although when I mention this to any of my other friends they think I'm crazy. Although I don't recall my Dr. specifically mentioning not to eat anything with it I have convinced myself as well as my boyfriend that it's bad for me and the baby.Over the passed four months I have obsessed over making sure that I don't consume anything with MSG in it but it's so hard to avoid because it's in EVERYTHING! Frozen dinners, Ramen noodles, Cheese puffs, Chinese food, Brazilian food... seriously, everything.My friend's keep telling me that this is the time to eat anything I want and I know that certain things are ok in moderation, but every time I give in and get ready to eat something with MSG in it I can't do it. I start feeling so guilty and imagining myself in the future with a baby with some disability, regretting eating food with MSG in it.What are some of your experiences with MSG? Do you remember your Dr. specifically telling you to stay away from it?
A: My doc never mentioned anything about MSG but its definitely not good for you.But I do have Chinese food once in a while. Just don't over do it and you should be ok.To deprive yourself of everything you want to eat during pregnancy is not healthy either.What about those women who crave McDonald's all the time? It might not have MSG but its crap and their babies r fine.Don't stress over it.
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A: your story is greatim writing a story to luvs writingyou should name it like the test or something like that

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