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Can women get pregnant after menopause

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If your doctor has confirmed that you have gone through menopause it is impossible for you to become pregnant. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-women-get-pregnant-after-menopause ]
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Can a women get pregnant after the menopause??
Generally, no darling because the menopause signifies that your ovaries have run out of eggs. No eggs = No babies.. However menopause symptoms can occur before the ovaries are totally empty. It simply means there are a couple of eggs left i...
Can a women still get pregnant after menopause??
Not usually. Once you hit menopause your body stops releasing eggs. There are women who have gotten pregnant after menopause but it has been a rare happening. I would recommend talking to your doctor about sex practices before engaging in b...
Can a woman get pregnant after menopause, without a period ??
Highly unlikely....If she is 100% sure she went through menopause then no... After menopause many women worry that they can still get pregnant, which is a natural concern after a life of needing to worry about protecting oneself from an unw...

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What are the possibilities and ways of getting pregnant after menopause for women?
Q: This question may look awkward but the reality is that My wife is unable to give birth earlier due to myself and our late marriage. We are yearning for a child atleast if not several. Kindly help. I am 48 and she is 44. We can't also spend lot of money . Advance thanks for everybody helping me or answering this question. Good Day
A: Aww. Well, at 44 is she done with complete menopause, or is she going through perimenopause? If she's already had complete menopause, then she cant get pregnant anymore. There's still a small chance that she can get pregnant if she's in perimenopause, but it will be very difficult and risky. If you guys want children and she can't get pregnant, domestic adoptions tend to be inexpensive, and you can get children of any age if you don't want a little baby. Also, perhaps maybe there's someone willing to be a surrogate for you? Fertility treatments are sometimes covered b y insurance, so look into that. Good luck. :)
Can a women get pregnant after the menopause?
Q: Im 19 but i met a divorced women last month on a dating site who is 48, she invited me for lunch on a saturday she was a bit plump and old fashioned but she has a great sence of humour we just we hit it off straight away I found myself liking her we have been seeing each other for about 3 weeks and sleeping together pretty much staight away .but im worried becouse she has a baby daughter ,she got pregnant by her pevious boyfriend 2 yrs ago when she was going through through menopause and had a baby .im just a bit worried becouse she doent use pill she says its ok, i sleep with her about 3 times duing the week. But im worried she might still get pregnant again after the menopause as she did during them
A: Please do some reading.Peri-menopausal is when women are coming up to menopause (up to 5 - 8 years before menopause), and yes she can become pregnant then, though its less likely. Menopause is said to happen only when the woman has not had her menstrual cycle for over a year or more, and her hormone levels have dropped. After menopause, she cannot become pregnant because her ovaries no longer produce eggs, or the hormones required.The chance that she's even peri-menopausal when she conceived is slim.Some woman don't go through menopause until the late 50's, so be very careful, and if you don't want the responsibility for a child, take the responsibility for preventing them. Don't leave it all up to her. Especially if her youngest is under 2.
Can a woman get pregnant after menopause, without a period ?
A: I wouldn't think so... it's another change of life. Can't get pregnant without ovulating and a period.

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