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Can taking plan b make you skip a period

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It shouldn't. If you do not get your period in 3 weeks consider getting a pregnancy test just to make sure you're not pregnant. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-taking-plan-b-make-you-skip-a-period ]
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Will taking Plan B twice in one menstrual cycle make you skip a p...?
A 5 day week or a 7 day week? A woman normally ovulates 10 to 14 days after the start of your period. Meaning count the days after the first day of your period and that should give you a range of when you're most fertile. Plan B should onl...

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Can plan b make you skip a period?
Q: Ok so I am 9 days late on my period.. but I took plan b while I was on birth control just to be safe. I have not missed any of my BC pills and took the plan b as directed. Is there any chance that taking the plan b has delayed my period? Is there chance that I would not get it at all until the following month?
A: yes, for many factors, including during when in your cycle you take it. the plan b pill doesn't necessarily stops fertilization (sperm entering the egg), but it stops implantation (the fertilized egg implanting in your endometrium). basically, it alters whats going on in your insides down there and whenever you change something within your body then there's usually a side effect (skipping/late period). i would take a pregnancy test just to be safe so you dont have to wait and worry about it for a month in case it doesnt come this month. also, any extra stress can cause delay/skipping a period.
Can plan b make you skip you period?
Q: i'm freaking out! help me please. i had sex while i was on my period which is very rare to get pregnant while being on your period right? but just in case i took plan b about 11 hours later. this was on November 14th.(when i had my period and had sex) now its December 25th and i still dont get my period? i'm almost 2 weeks late. is it possible that plan b can make me skip my period? or what are the chances of me being pregnant? i'm going to take a pregnancy test tomorrow but i cant stop thinking about this until then!!
A: well i've never heard of that before.but you have to take it as soon as possible.that's how it will work.but if your a week or more long then the pill won't work.It's not a abortion pill. i think it will only work within 24-48 hrs after sex
Can Plan B make you skip a period?
Q: I had taken plan b, after my bf fingered me, and i gave him an hj, i wasn't exactly sure if he had touched any of his semen. so we got plan b before the 24 hour mark the next day. i took it as it as instructed and i got my period on time (about 30 days after my last period which is surprising because i'm fairly irregular and react to stress easily-- i had stopped having my period from the end of dec to mid may in 2007) i did not have any symptoms from plan b. This month has been fairly stressful, with upcoming exams. Could the plan be caused me to skip my period for the month. I have an extremely slim chance of being pregnant, since i have never had sex, and i have been careful, but im not on BC.I have been under a lot of stress because of this lately, i don't want to get preggers...
A: Stress can make you miss a period, and yes, Plan B can and will usually make you miss a period. Plan B is filled with hormones among other things. Just relax, & it'll come. Be safe.

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