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Can pressure in your stomach mean your pregnant

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Abdominal pressure is a symptom of pregnancy, however this does not mean that you are pregnant. Take a home test to make sure. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-pressure-in-your-stomach-mean-your-pregnant ]
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Can pressure in your stomach mean your pregnant
Abdominal pressure is a symptom of pregnancy, however this does not mean that you are pregnant. Take a home test to make sure.

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your pregnancy complaints? or you like being pregnant?
Q: ust wondering what any of you all want to complain about as far as being pregnant? and how far along you are? i have a cousin that LOVES being pregnant! i don't know how. i am starting to rack up on complaints! 1st trimester i was just tired all the time & moody. 2nd trimester i felt great, had plenty of energy & was in such a better mood! but this last part.. i am close to 30 wks and i am starting to get miserable! i feel like a pig! i don't crave certain things, just everything i hear or if someone mentions it i want it lol. very bad with sweets. and being starved at like 4am a lot! i've always had a fear of being overweight & i have no idea what i should weigh now. but that is the least of my worries. my back hurts most of the time. i am sooo tired of peeing. it's very hard to even grocery shop b/c every time i stand up it's just sooo much pressure on my bladder. it is sooo miserable! if i have to pee a little i feel like i haven't got to go for a week! i am constipated like all the time! i miss taking hot baths & sleeping on my stomach. i wish i could take something like advil for a headache b/c tylenols DO NOT EVER WORK!! i have trouble sleeping. now i am getting heart burn a lot really bad! i can't wait to get my hair highlighted soon! i am getting TIRED a lot again and feeling lazy. not to mention i am very moody. one min. i am okay, then i'm sooo crabby, when i am not in the mood to just cry all day long. i have been feeling really depressed on/off. i am bored and cannot wait till my baby gets here. i feel like there is nothing really to do but to go shopping. movie theaters are rough b/c my back hurting so bad! and having to pee a lot! i get headaches off/on mainly in the middle of the night! i am really missing my old clothes i can't fit in now! i feel like i wear the same clothes all the time :( right now i am to the point where as bad as i wanted to be pregnant i hate to even see a HPT commercial on TV right now LOL. it's definitely harder to get around now as i am feeling the extra weight in my belly hehe.i know not much longer! it's moving quick, but at the same time it is dragging. less than 3 weeks till my next 4D ultrasound! can't wait! it's been a long journey but an amazing experience and it will all be worth it. i plan on having another baby in 3 years or so. i know women do this all the time. but it's not exactly a picnic. i know why they said last trimester is worst! i'm sure once i lay eyes on my son i'll forget all about this stuff going on now. i think i am just anxious for him to get here and getting frustrated with this waiting! and hormones are going crazy i guess! so just wanted to know if anyone else is in the same boat feeling like complaining & just venting i guess. men do not seem to understand! they think they do lol. i mean my hubby has been right there by my side and puts up with my griping about everything. i give him that... but they get the easy part of having kids ;)
A: so far I can only complain about water retention (some days is HELL)cravings that are BAD (chocolate chip cookies, desserts, tortas)heartburnback painI hate sleeping on my left sideI'm 20 pounds heavier I'm clumsymy boobs are itchyi have to pee very oftenI only love being pregnant because I'm being spoiled by my family.
Crazy MIL? This isn't really a vent..more of a whats your opinion..?
Q: Ok. Lemme just start with I am 9mo. prego [babies coming next week via c-section] and my MIL is OBSESSED. Since she found out I was prego she has left hints about wanting to be 'mommy' again. She TOLD us she would be in the delivery room [yea right]. And called my son 'her baby' quite a few times etc. Has problems with personal [i.e. will hug and squeeze my tummy and DEMAND the baby move for her. And she gets upset cause the baby would never kick for her] but yesterday was a little bit much. She has been freaking out over the delivery [donno why...shes not the one who has to go though it and I'm ok with it] so she got sent to the hospital cause her blood pressure was through the roof. We went over to visit and when we walk in she seems drunk as hell. Come to find out they gave her some sort of relaxer... and Valium. So for 4HOURS she tells us she wants to steal our baby. That the baby is here to fill the void in her heart [she divorced and very bitter towards men]. That I stole her son. The the baby is HER baby.[She didn't just mention it- when my hubby said you mean Jess's baby- and she screamed NO! Its MY BABY. MINE!] No joke here people. She layed on me and started hugging my stomach and kissing all over it. [gross] AND then she made reference that SHE wanted to BREASTFEED him to! To 'bond' OH HELL NO. That is freaking nasty! And as far as breastfeeding that's MY job. The woman has made it known MANY times shes is jealous and wants Nathan [baby]. But never so openly in front of me. She doesn't want me to know. But she tells my BIL who lives with her she was to steal Nathan but we would call the cops on her [hell yea - crazy woman..] And that's its not far and he should be her baby cause she doesn't have anyone. I can understand shes loves being a mo and wants someone to love. But isn't this a bit much. We already decided she never being left alone with him. And no one is allowed in to see the baby till after my recovery so me and hubby will already have him cause I'm kinda afraid once she picks him up she wont wanna give him back. I donno. This women drives me bloody mad and has since she found out I was pregnant. But I somehow manage... What would you all do/think of this? Anyone else with a crazy MIL?Lol, the one good thing is my hubby k=knows she nuts. Stands by me 100%. Without him I might have punched her by now XDI think the only REAL creepy parts were the wanting to breastfeed thing [idc if i EVER find her trying to do that im not gonna ignore it im gonna have words with her] but she talks about the baby like its my hubby and HER son. And told me im just 'baking it for her'.Thats just the thing to. All the time she tells me im gonna be a great mommy. And how much she loves me etc. And she seems completely normal. But when she thinks im not paying attention is it talking privately with my hubby she turns into this obsessive person. [Hubby tells me everything pertaining to me and the baby cause he thinks I should know] I dont get it.... shes a very smart independent woman who I HAD a lot of respect for. Till we got the little +positive test sign.She has always been obsessed with my hubby [her first of 2 sons] and doesn't like her other son much. Trouble maker XD. And this is her first grandchild. Which reminds me of something else she said. 'I made John [hubby] and john made him - so that makes him mine! without john he wouldn't be here!'0.0
A: um..this is very disturbing. i wouldn't leave your baby alone with her ever. what does your husband say and has he spoken to his mom about her behavior? let the hospital know the situation in case she shows up and wants to see the baby without you being aware, after my csection i was out of it for several hours while the medications wore off and other family members got to see and hold the baby before i did. if you are afraid her threats to steal the baby are ligitamite you may want to seriously consider a restraining order because she sounds emotional unstable and there is no telling what she may do if she is not given her way. does she have a history of this type of behavior with others?
i think im pregnant.. 10 points for the BEST ANSWER!?
Q: my fiance & i have been celibate for about 2 years & then we decided to have sex on July 24th. My last period came on July 9th. it lasted 6 days (it always lasts 6 days) so i estimated i would be ovulating between July 20th - 28th. (im not 100% sure how many days i have in my cycle). July 24th.. we had sex & he came inside of me. July 29th, i started spotting just a little tiny bit, like i wiped 2x & had very light blood on the tissue & that was it. i was told implantation bleeding takes 3-6 days after conception. i tried the whole lifting my pelvis in the air & laying there for a while so the semen could swim upstream after sex. we've been having unprotected sex since 2002 & i believe i was pregnant 3 times before but miscarried due to fighting. my question is, what are the chances i am pregnant? i took a home pregnancy test on August 8th but the test came out negative. i used EPT. i have thyroid problems & i was told i have a hormone inbalance (whatever that means). i figured this is probably why my test came out negative but then again it might've been negative because im not pregnant. i usually get my period before my mother does & my mom is already done with her period so i know mine is late. i really dont want to get my hopes up so im trying not to think much of it but i reaaaaaally cant help it. i know that your mind can trick you into thinking you are pregnant and you can develop all the symptoms but this really isnt the case. i actaully keep doing the opposite. i tell myself that im not pregnant so that i dont over exaggerate. i have been a tad bit stressed these past couple of days over a family issue but ive had worse stress before & it never threw off my cycle.i felt a lil soreness in my abdomen at one point but that feeling went away. it seemed like the pain was coming from my cervix. ive been having mild cramps that come and go. i do feel pressure on my tummy & ive been very bloated. ive also noticed that ive been drinking a lot more water because i become dehydrated easily as if my mouth is dry. i also have what seems like hot flashes where i feel like i need some sort of sugar & i need a fan in my face. i told myself this is because of the heat but im always in the house near a fan which keeps the house cool. my breast are sore and my nipples are highly sensitive. my nipples also stay half erect most of the time which is not normal at all. also, lots of foods dont agree with me although i dont throw it up (cept once but it only came half way up). it just turns my stomach a little when i eat them. i feel very sluggish and tired all the time but i think thats because of a poor diet. i began spotting a little about 2 days ago. it comes and goes. its a very light pinkish color or very light brown. i usually have an average or heavy flow for 6 days but its been 2-3 days now and its still very light and coming and going. i dont even have to wear a pad just because its only there when i wipe.i talked to my fiance about this and he says that im making up excuses for all the pregnancy symptoms to convince myself that im not but i just may be. i honestly reaaaally hope that i am. i just dont want to be disappointed with another negative test. i do plan on testing again (if a dont get my normal flow). i dont have a doctor so i cant call or see one yet. i dont have any form of health insurance at the moment. PLEASE DO NOT get it twisted. i can AFFORD a doctor but i DO NOT want to go to the hospital and have to pay 500+ dollars for a bill and the tests come back negative. & if i am pregnant, you qualify for free insurance and so will my child once it is born.do you have any advice on things to try? what are your opinions on my chances of getting pregnant or that i am pregnant? i dont want to take a home pregnancy test again because i dont want to be disappointed with another negative test and i dont want to go to the doctor until i am 100% sure that i may be pregnant.PLEASE no stupid answers & 10 POINTS TO THE BEST ANSWER!EDIT: sorry for the long page but i wanted to answer any question that you may have for me. you can only give me the best answer if you know all the answers!!!!EDIT: the spotting that i am experiencing right now cant be implantation bleeding because i had sex the 24th. it is now the 13th. & as far as the fighting goes. i should clerify that. i wasnt fighting because i wanted to fight. i was being abused and was getting beat up. my fiance thankfully stopped 3 years ago and hasnt put his hands on me since. so no, i am not an irresponsible person! i wasnt out there fighting random chicks while i was pregnant.thanks for all the responses. some were helpful, others were plain retarded.. in my opinion.EDIT: one: its no ones business what happens between me and my fiance. my fiance and i both did NOT know that i was pregnant when we used to fight therefore it wasnt as if he or i was trying to hurt my unborn.two: my question isnt anything about my fiance. my question is based on my symptoms and why am i having them..three: the ONLY reason i even posted the fact that me and my fiance had problems before is because i didnt want you people to think that i was a bad mother or the kind of person that runs the street fighting people for the fun of it. its not my style nor is it how i get down.four: my fiance hasnt put his hands on my in 3 years. he has changed his ways and thats all that matters.FOR FUTURE PEOPLE THAT DECIDE TO ANSWER.. PLEASE DO NOT POST STUPID ANSWERS! IM LOOKING FOR THE PERSON THAT CAN GIVE ME THE BEST ANSWER ON WHY I AM HAVING SYMPTOMS.THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
A: I would say if you want to be pregnant, quit fighting! If you miscarried because of it several times, if you become pregnant again, you will probably miscarry again. Work on that before you worry about being pregnant.

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