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Can prenatal pills help you get pregnant

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They can't really help your chances, but will provide you with the right nutrients and vitamins should pregnancy occur. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-prenatal-pills-help-you-get-pregnant ]
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Will prenatal pill help me get pregnant?
Prenatal pills will not help you to get pregnant but it is a good idea to start taking them if you are trying to get pregnant. The more prepared are bodies are before pregnancy the better chance the baby will have.
Would Prenatal Pills Help Me Get Pregnant?
No, but they will have your body and healthy for the baby when conception happens. It is recommend that you start prenatal vitamins 3 months before you conceive.
Does prenatal pills help u get pregnant?
No they do not. Prenatal vitamins are supposed to be taken a few weeks to a month before planned conception to ensure your body has the right vitamins and nutrients stored necessary to make a healthy baby. You can take pre-natals at anytime...

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can someone tell me is it easier to get pregnant if you take prenatal pills i ask because i got pregnat in oct?
Q: i ask because i got pregnant in oct. had a miscarriage in nov. but i continued to take the prenatal pills and i believe i am pregnant now i did spot early this month but now i feel sick and everything else. please help.
A: No, prenatal pills don't affect your chances of becoming pregnant. They do help to keep you healthy and provide nutrients that your body needs when you are pregnant.
can taking prenatal pills help you get pregnant?
A: No. Pre-natal vitamins are vitamins that have more percentage of Vitamin A, C, Folic acid etc., which is what you need to give a fetus to grow. I would suggest you go to the pharmacy and get an ovulating test, if you are ovulating then get with your partner and see what happens! Hope it works!
can prenatal pill help get you pregnant?
A: No... they are just vitamins

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