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Can pregnant women take Tylenol for headaches

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The safest over-the-counter pain medication that you can use in pregnancy is acetaminophen, sold under the brand name Tylenol. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-pregnant-women-take-tylenol-for-headaches ]
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Can a pregnant woman take tylenol extra strength for headaches, p...?
On the list from my Dr. it says you can take Tylenol. It does not say extra strength but I compared the 2 in the store last week and they all have the same exact ingredients one just has a higher mg than the other. So I've been taking just ...

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can a pregnant woman take tylenol extra strength for headaches, pain or flu?
A: yes tylenol products are fine...im going to school to be a pharmacy tech. and so far tylenol is the only over the counter medication a pregnant women should take w/out OB consultation...and im 37wks pregnant myself and i take tylenol for headaches and backaches...
What can a pregnant woman take for headaches?
Q: Tylenol is on my "safe list" of drugs OK to take during pregnancy, but I still just dont like to take pills since I am pregnant you know? What are some natural remedies? I thought I might be dehydrated but upon drinking lots of water I just pee alot more! Any other suggestions?
A: the headaches are normal, there awful, and i found nothing to help with them while i was pregnant. but tylonal is very safe. and if you can believe it so is vicodin and darvacet. so tylonal is on the lower end of the pain meds you can take. i was a little iffy about pills during my pregnancy but compared to vicodin tylonal is nothing so i felt pretty safe taking it every now and again
how many milligrams of tylenol in a day is okay for pregnant women?
Q: Just curious how many I can take and be safe, I am having horrible headaches but dont want to take too much. I took one 500 milligram tablet earlier today, and am nervous to take another one.
A: Depends on what trimester you're in. I've always been told to try and wait till the 2nd one to take anything. I wouldn't take more than 1000mg of it. At once that is. You should ask your doc tho, sometimes they can prescribe you something for headaches, and it won't effect the baby. If you can't get in touch with your doc, try calling one of those 24hr nurse advice lines. You can talk to an RN, and they usually will let you know what's up. Good luck and feel better!

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