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Can pregnant women take more than one prenatal vitamin a day

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Yes, it is okay to take more than one prenatal vitamin a day. But, I wouldn't do it daily. The extra iron could cause constipation [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-pregnant-women-take-more-than-one-prenatal-vitamin-a-day ]
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Can pregnant women take more than one prenatal vitamin a day?
Yes, it is okay to take more than one prenatal vitamin a day. But, I wouldn't do it daily. The extra iron could cause constipation

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Pregnant... Please Help!!!!?
Q: I found out i am pregnant (10 weeks) and I cant get a prenatal appt until feb 19!!!So i was told just to start taking the prenatal vitamins, but i heard most women cant handle them and they make them sick.. So i dont want to take them because i am afraid there going to be to strong.. and i been feeling sick. so mean while i am going to take flintstone vitaminscan anyone tell me what kind of flintstone vitamins to take( ex. flintstones complete daily vitamins, chewable)and how many to take a day (and if more than one, should i take them both at the same time)Personal experiences if possible, Thanks!
A: My sister wasn't able to do prenantals, they made her gag. So she took Flintstones through her whole pregnancy and she was fine. I don't know which kind but I don't think it would matter too much. I'd say just start with two a day until you can get to your appointment and just consult with the OBGYN.
I am concerned about the amount of iron in my prenatal vitamins.?
Q: (First of all, I'd really appreciate it if you didn't answer this if you don't have any reliable information about it. I hate when someone answers with a "non-answer" and the question is now marked "answered" :) This is really important for me and thanks for your understanding. )We are trying to conceive. I might be pregnant right now, but if I am, it's probably only 5 days old. I won't know for sure for another 2-3 weeks. I know that the first 3 weeks of fetus is one of the most important stages. A month ago, my doctor prescribed me prenatal vitamins. I looked up online and found out that they have 90mg of iron. Usually prenatal vitamins have 30-60mg of iron. And those are for pregnant women! I am not even pregnant yet - at least I know I wasn't a month ago and there is a possibility that I still am not. 90mg, from what i have researched, seems more than twice the recommended amount - and too much iron can be toxic. Now, asking my doctor isn't a good option since she is the one who gave me those pills (oh and, i didn't get blood work done, so it's not like i am anemic or something - in fact i am just perfectly healthy)I have been paying attention to my diet, and it looks like almost everything i eat has iron in it. I am worried that i am getting too much iron - and i am mostly worried about my baby IF i am pregnant. I started taking them every other day without asking my doctor (i have been out of the country for over a month anyways so i didn't have a chance to ask her if I wanted to). But I also know that I need the Folic Acid in those vitamins. Although I am getting a good amount of folate from cereals or breads, lentils i am consuming. I still don't want to miss out on the folic acid i need to take everyday.I am looking for a second opinion from another doctor - but you know how things work: It takes at least a week to schedule an appt these days. And if first 3 weeks is important, every day counts now. Anyone with experience, knowledge about this? Is taking them every other day is a good idea? What should I do? Maybe get a folic acid supplemant and take it on the days i don't take my prenatal vitamins?Thanks so much!
A: Just keep taking your vitamins every other day, since your saying your getting enough Iron already. I dont think is gonna do any harm to the baby. you should go to the Doctot and get a blood test done to confirm pregnancy, and if you are the most probrably thing to do is that your Doc may change the vitamins and prescribe something else. if you are pregnant the most important thing is take care of that lil angel, so FEEL FREE to ask your Ob about any concern you have!! Dont worry about it. is your baby, your body. your paying for that! so just give a try and ask her. Hope you r preggo!!!! good luck!
Im 11 weeks pregnant and Im still having a period, has this happened to anyone else!!!!!??????
Q: Ok, I found out at the beginning of June that I was pregnant. I had little reason to believe that I was pregnant other than an appetite change,Breast changes including blue veins beginning to appear on my breast and collar bone area, sensitive and tingling nipples, and areolaChanging including enlargement and white bumps starting to form, but those things didn’t really convince me that I was pregnant, I didn’t feel pregnant, I had been pregnant before and the morning sickness, frequent urination and missed periods were all sureSigns that I was indeed pregnant, but this time I continued to have periods and other than the appetite change and changesTo my breast, I didn’t have any definite signs of pregnancy, but my husband wanted me toTake a hpt anyway, so I did and it came back negative. I took several more and most came back negative and one had a faint positive sign. After all the Negative results, I left the pregnancy idea alone and by that time I had gotten my next period. Several weeks laterI began to have tension headaches, daily and I also began to feel twinges in my stomach, which I later learned wereRound ligaments pains. These things concerned me so I consulted my family doctor. I explained to her all the changes That were going on with my body and also the inconsistencies in my periods (I didn’t explain that earlier, but I willAt the end of my post) and she asked was I pregnant. I informed her that my husband and I had been ttc, and I had Thought that I had fallen pregnant at the end of april, and I had taken several test which all came back negative. My doctor decided to give me another urine pregnancy test which came back negative and she also gave meA blood pregnancy test, this of course came back positive. After the positive result, an ultrasound was doneTo confirm and I was placed on prenatal vitamins, etc. the thing is, I still have some bleeding every month. My family doctor and ob/gyn are all aware of this, I have been checked and my baby is fine and Im havingNo complications other than the bleeding,. Now that I know that Im pregnant its kind of scary to stillBe having a period. With my first pregnancy, I didn’t have a period and all the pregnancy symptoms that you couldEver think of but with this pregnancy, Im still having a period and no symptoms other than an occasion headache andA lot of changes in my breast. Has this happened to anyone else???, I have read some posts were women have had theirPeriods while pregnant, but I wanted to ask the same question but in my own way. I also see a lot of people Who say that a woman can’t be pregnant and still have periods but believe it because I am a living witnessThat it does happen. Also, when I say period, I do mean that I have been having periods, not SPOTTINGNot slight bleeding……I know what spotting is and I know what a normal period is also. With my periods,They have been normal for the past three periods. When I got pregnant in april, the bleeding wasn’t normalthough, it was light and it was spotting and it only lasted for four days. The normal time for me is 6 days.The period that I had in may was heavier than the bleeding that I had in april and there were even clotsIn the first two days of my period, on the third day though, it slowed down drastically and on theFour day, the blood turned from red to dark brown and stopped. This has also occurred for june andJuly’s periods. – july’s period has just gone off july9-12. has this happened to anyone else.?? I have a Friend who didn’t know that she was pregnant until she was 5 months, but im not sure whether herPeriods were normal or not, but I want to know the personal experiences of others and whetherYour periods were still normal. Thanks in advancesorry about the length you guy...lol..but thanks for reading it and giving your opinions.sorry about the length you guys...lol..but thanks for reading it and giving your opinions.sorry about the length you guys...lol..but thanks for reading it and giving your opinions.
A: i had my period for 3 months straight. went in to talk to my doctor to see what was wrong. did urine test and 2 blood tests. all normal. so, they did an ultrasound. there he was. the doctor said it's my body fighting the pregnancy. but, he's fine. a happy healthy baby. so, don't worry too much.

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