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Can pregnant women suck in their bellies

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No, a pregnant woman cannot suck in her belly, if she is that concerned over vanity she likely should not be pregnant. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-pregnant-women-suck-in-their-bellies ]
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Can a pregnant woman suck her belly in?
One time i wonderd what itd look like if id be able to do it.I love my belly but i was just wondering if it was possible too.haha. If your barely showing then yea im sure itd look just as if bloated.
Why do pregnant women rub their bellies?
I find myself out in public and i see people do the same thing and I always wondered also. But I can honestly say all people have their reason and it also depends on the person( as for your friend) Who would care if she was fat or not in he...
Do pregnant women read/sing to their bellies?
Some do. Any speaking, singing or sounds a woman makes while pregnant does get transmitted down to the baby inside her. Some say it does them both well in the ways of bonding. I think it's a natural and normal thing for a pregnant woman to ...

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Can early pregnant women suck in their bellies? What does pregnancy do to women's bellies? Harder? Fattier?
Q: No, I'm not pregnant...I'm just curious. I watch a lot of TV about pregnant people and babies etc. and I always wonder what bellies are like before (mostly early pregnancy) and after...thanks!
A: me pre pregnancy i had like a 4 pack thing very flat stomach beginning of first pregnancy i still had the four pack with a pouch at the bottom that looked like i ate hugggee dinner till like 6 mths then i exploded and got a huge stomach for the rest of the pregnancy after the baby i had a gut for like three months then i prettty much lost it only had a little stretch mark by my belly button i think its cause of my piercing then just when i lost it i got pregnant again .. second pregnancy i started showing alot faster still just looks like i ate alot tho and im 4mths butmy skin is still tight and never got flabby
Can a pregnant woman suck in her belly ?
Q: So the question is, if a pregnant woman can suck in her belly as normal people do to their guts, to either feel/look more fit. If you have ever been pregnant, have you done this before, or is it impossible to suck it in and pretend that you don't have a baby there?
A: some things you can't hide
Belly too big to suck in?
Q: I've heard that pregnant women can't suck in their bellies. At what stage does this happen. (Just curious)I realize that you wouldn't want to suck in your belly if you are pregnant.
A: well, im four months and let me tell you it would be a real workout trying to suck in. when i try there's no difference. lol so instead of lookin fat becuas eim not thta big yet, i just push it out more haha then i know i def look real preggers hahalol

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