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Can midgets get pregnant

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People who have dwarfism can and do get pregnant. Women who have diastrophic dwarfism generally have average-sized babies. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-midgets-get-pregnant ]
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Can midgets get pregnant to normal people?
Yes. If you google pregnant midgets you will see that the most popular link has a video that shows a midget pregnant by a man who is 6ft 4in tall.
Is it possible to get someone to get pregnant by a fat blcak midg...?
if both participants are healthy and fertile then of course amigo its also possible to get pregnant by a skinny white giant too!
What is the legal height of a midget?
Typically a person who is shorter then 4'10 is considered a midget or little person. Some people will consider someone under 5 ft a midget but the most common standard is 4'10 and below.

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I am wondering if the movie, "Lil Ole Me", about a 70 yo pregnant midget is still playing. Does anybody know?
Q: I haven't heard much about it lately. It's almost like the movie has dropped off the face of the Earth. Can you get it on DVD?
A: The movie decided it had bad rating and shelved itself. Not sure exactly why, but Jil might know more about the movie you are talking about.sorry for your lots.
What would you say to your coworker if in this situation?
Q: I worked at a call center and dated a coworker there. Eventually, he left me for his ex. We were crazy about each other, but he had a history with her and she came back into his life, he got confused - and went with her. A little later, I was certain I would be moving an hour away, so I quit my job. House deals fell through, and now I'm staying. The call center loves to rehire old employees that left at good standing, and I was one of their best, so they already agreed to rehire me. I start working tomorrow. The guy still works there and he had always said that the workplace would be so lonely without me and that no matter what happened in the future, he'd always want to be good friends. He meant it too, he stays friends with a lot of his exes. Personally, I don't and think that's a crap situation to be in. I know he'll come up to me and want to talk, this guy broke my heart. What should I say to him to let him know that I cared about him, but can't go back to just friends. What would you say?He only broke up with me about 2 weeks ago. And fyi - the girl he left me for was a pregnant, suicidal, midget. (The baby wasn't his). Everyone was shocked he'd pick her over me. It was an odd situation.No, she literally was an actual midget.
A: Just speak your heart truthfully. He sounds as though he can deal with the truth.
Love of my life pregnant with another man's child.?
Q: Lemme try and give the complete picture.We lived together in my aprtment for about two years before she left for california. We maintained a long distance relationship for a year and half half, and did our best to work things out. I'm 30, she's 36.June 14 - She told me that we would be better off as friends, that the demands of her work made it difficult to maintain commitments. I thought it would be best to give her some space.July 15 - She calls me in the middle of the night crying asking why I didnt call her for a month. Natually I told her that I was always just here wating for her call. Reassured that I was always there for her.July 20 - Realized how much she meant to me, started to long for her so badly that I desperately tried to win her back.July 24 - She persisted in telling me that we would be better of as friends. She tells me she still loves me deeply but was too busy with her work to give me any time.July 27 - I persisted to win her back. Desperately still in love with her. We finally got to talk. I was so happy I could burs.I was madly longing for her. I was absolutely thirlled to hear her voice and was jsut about to propose.. In a matter of minutes I was reeling from heaven to hell. She told me that there was something awefully wrong. That I would not want her back. She told me she was pregnant with another man's child. A freaking midget she shared the aprtment with whom she reassured me was harmless.I was crying for days. Tormented by my genuine longing and love for her.She refuses to marry the midget, acknowleding that the pregnancy was a mistake. She refused to have an abortion due to her religous beliefs.She tells me she still loves me, but it would be unfair for me to contnue our relationship. I told her that despite it all I loved her still. She refuses to leave the midget, reasoning that she needs someone to drive her around and help her with the preganancy. I AM IN TERRIBLE ANGUISH at her betrayal. Realizing that we still both feel for each other makes it worse. Told her that I was praying that the pregnancy would self terminate, she said the same thing too but still refues to have an abortion.I am still in denial. I AM A TOTAL WRECK. I still love her. I pity her for what she is about to face. I feel as if I died and lost haf my soul. I've never been hurt this bad before. She was my best friend, confidant, lover.I am insanely jealous and outrage that she's still sahring that apartment with the midget (literally, biologically a dwarf) . I dont know what to do! Please give me some advice. It's either she's lying about it to push me away OR she really does love me but made a mistake.I dont know if I can put up with the baby. It would be so much easier to turn around and walk away, but I genuinely love and care for her. What am I supposed to do?
A: She has a 25% chance that the baby with be a dwarf (lots medical problems with this genetic disorder). I don't understand how you could want her back knowing someone has been in her.I also don't understand how a 36 year old woman could be so immature, or how on religious reasons she couldn't have an abortion.Tell you that you wish her the best but you really can't deal with the mess SHE made. Move on. she has been playing you and out of your life for a long time.

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