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Can it feel like you're getting your period when you're pregnant

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It is possible to still get your period when you are period, but it can also feel like you are too, symptoms such as lower MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-it-feel-like-you%27re-getting-your-period-when-you%27re-pregnant ]
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Can you feel like you are getting your period and be pregnant??
I feel kind of like I'm having my period...the cramps are more like pressure. I'm 5 weeks pregnant...and I do have a little (very little) amount of spotting (tan no red)...but this nurse I talked to said this was normal (the spotting anyway...

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Can you feel your uterus growing when you're pregnant?
Q: Every now and then (right now for example) I get these cramps in my abdomen it feels like period cramps except lighter and not as intense. It just stays in my abdomen and doesn't shift around my hips and back like it would on my period.Also I get really weird stomach aches. It's not "I'm going to throw up" stomach ache nor is it "I need to eat" stomach ache. It literally feels like the baby is pulling on my stomach.I'm 15 weeks if that helps answer this. Thanks!Yeah... I'm definitely NOT in labor. wtf.
A: It all sounds quite normal. You're probably experincing what is called 'round ligament pain'... your uterus is held in place when you're not pregnant by thick ligaments known as 'round ligaments'. They are having to soften and stretch as your uterus expands and this is most likely causing your discomfort. For some reason, round ligament pain is most commonly experienced on the right side - no-one is quite sure why this is.Of course, any abdominal pain that becomes severe should be checked out - better safe than sorry. Good luck with the pregnancy! :)
What does it feel like when your baby moves inside you?
Q: This is a re-post, the starred items below are additional questions I have, Thank you in advance for reading EVERYTHING and responding!*****When you feel your baby move in your stomach, does that feel like a fluttering in your stomach, that's what is meant by butterflies in your stomach?*****When the baby kicks, does that just feel like a sharp pain? I am 36 & have a 7 1/2 year old, but she never moved inside me (she's fine). I have pregnancy symptoms, and I feel movement inside my stomach, but sometimes I just feel a sharp pain. It's always on the same side of my stomach. I could be up to 4 month pregnant, if I am, but it could be less. Then again, the symptoms I'm experiencing could be something else entirely. I want to go to Planned Parenthood on like Monday to get tested for pregnancy, then make an appointment with my midwife from there.Thanks!Additional DetailsI'm not sure I'm pregnant because, although I have been getting my periods, they're ALWAYS late...but I know you CAN get your period while you're pregnant, THAT'S why I haven't tested yet...and I'm probably 3 months or less pregnant IF I am. (Maybe only 1 - 1 1/2 months even.)
A: To me, it feels like a little nudge from the inside. And it's always in my lower abdomen, and I know it's not gas because i feel the movements and I don't have any gas after wards, I love feeling my baby move
Can you get your period when you're pregnant?
Q: My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex 2 months and I've had the classic symptoms and still do. My symptoms include breast tenderness, fatigue, mood swings, bloating, and frequent urination. I've been gaining weight like crazy like clothes I bought 2 months are tight on me and I know you can't gain weight that quickly without something being wrong. And I have the feeling of 'being pregnant' so I don't know if thats some phantom pregnancy. And I've gotten my period past 2 months so my question is can you still get your period while pregnant? I read about it and documents I've read that all girls are different.
A: It could be possible.... HIGHLY unlikely though. Most women don't have their period while pregnant.

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