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Can any Std keep you from getting pregnant

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Yes! Many STDs can prevent u from getting pregnant including chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV (human papilloma virus), and others. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-any-std-keep-you-from-getting-pregnant ]
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Can any Std keep you from getting pregnant
Yes! Many STDs can prevent u from getting pregnant including chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV (human papilloma virus), and others. ChaCha!
How do prostitutes and pornographic movie stars keep from getting...?
lol well i would presume since im not a porn star or anything but birth control in any form will keep her from getting pregnant.they both get tested for every std under the sun constantly however nothing is a hundred percent theres still a ...

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Lack of STD keeping me from getting pregnant.?
Q: Tell me if you would switch doctors if this happened to you.I have been seeing this ob/gyn for about 2 years or more. I got married a little over 2 years ago and chose to wait until my wedding night to have sex for the first time. My husband was also a virgin when we got married. The two of us have slept with each other and no one else. We have been completely faithful to each other throughout our marriage. About a year ago, we decided we would like to have children soon. So I stopped using the pill (April 2008) and we officially started trying in September 2008. Today was my annual exam and pap smear. My husband had a semen analysis done last week and the results were supposed to be in today (everything looked good!! yay!). So anyway, the doctor inserted the speculum and mentioned that I have a lot of discharge. She asked if there was any itching, burning, or pain associated with it. I told her no. I usually have a lot of discharge, it's just always been that way for me. Every time I get a pelvic exam, they comment on it, but it's never been a problem. Well, she informed me that she was going to run an STD test for different things. I told her I didn't need the test (which is just more money toward my insurance deductible that I haven't met yet). She told me that all that discharge "worried" her and that it could be the reason I haven't gotten pregnant yet.So I'm sitting there, completely pissed because the risk of STD's was one of the reasons my husband and I both chose to be monogamous and wait until marriage. There would be no way for me to get an STD other than hotel sheets, a public toilet, or a pelvic exam with an unsterile instrument. On top of all of that, I'm well aware that it can take normal couples up to a YEAR to conceive and we've only been trying for 9 or 10 months. She was acting like there was something wrong with me because it hasn't happened yet. Would you switch doctors? I mean... my doctor didn't even believe me. She treated me like a $ l u t.Someone asked how old the doctor is. She's probably 45-50-ish.
A: Plain and simple. The discharge alarmed her and she wants to see what is up. It could be any type of infection, not only an STD and I'm sure she is testing for everything to rule everything out. This is common practice. Totally normal. Don't be offended, and FYI they still think of STD's because your PARTNER is always someone who could have lied or whatnot...She does not know your partner and is not assuming this per se she just knows this to be the case because it's happened to women before. Doesn't mean your husband is lying or whatever, or anyone is accusing you of having a bad marriage, she just needs to go by the book on this...Nothing to be offended about.
Do you think it is ok for girls to go to the doctor and the doctor keep the findings away from the parent?
Q: IF your teenage daughter went to the doctor and she found out something that she didn't want you to know about like being pregnant or having std's they would not tell you. they would even tell her as long as she has any person over 18 with her she can get rid of the baby anyone over 18 like a friend she knows so your child can go to the find out she is pregnant and end the pregnancy without you knowing anything about it. I think this is wrong what do you think?that is funny that so many feel that is ok. i am asking not because my daughter is doing something it is because I went through this personally I found out i was pregnant and did not want to keep the baby made a bad choice and i knew my mom would of made me keep the baby dont believe in killing babies well i had the abortion without here knowing and I just told her maybe a month ago and she is hurt really hurt that i didn't tell her and more mad that her at the time 16 year old could do all this and she not know. not even from the doctors. if i could go back i would still make the same choice but i would tell her first because she had a right to know if my child did this to me it would hurt and thats why i told her. she had asked why i won't have anymore kids she wants 3 grand kids and i could not hold it in that she could of had 3 already.
A: If the girl is a minor,ANDIf I as the parent am still supporting her and legally obligated to pay her bills,ANDIf this medical condition could have any affect on her physical or mental or emotional well-being in the future,Then yes, as the parent, I am entitled to know ahead of time and I am entitled to be part of the decision-making process. I'm the one who has to live with the consequences, I'm the one who has to take care of my daughter while she goes through whatever it is .... That gives me the privilege of knowing what's going on.
can you get pregnant from anal sex while on your period?
Q: here recently me and my boyfriend tried unprotected anal sex for the first time (ps- neither of us have any std's). and we did that for a good thirty minutes i'd say just on and off. and it would keep slipping out so he'd have to stick it back in. well about ten minutes later i went into the bathroom to check and see if i was okay because it had been a little sore which i figured was normal. well when i checked it was kind of wet like he had cummed in me so i wiped it off as good as i could with some toilet paper. well when i came back and told him about it he was worried that some of it might have gotten down to my vagina some how. and i remind you that i was on my period. so do we have anything to really worry about? i know we probably should have considered it before we did it instead of worrying later. so please help me out in knowing if i have a big chance in being pregnant. and also i want to know if this would count as losing our virginity? thanks.
A: Less than 5%. It's a possibility but it's really, really small.Be smarter next time. Either he uses a condom, you go on birth control, you get the nuvaring, or he tells you when he's going to come.You had a sexual encounter, so yes, you've lost your virginity. Your anal virginity. el oh el.

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