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Can a women get pregnant the day after her period ends

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A woman can get pregnant any day of her cycle, but it's more likely at the time of ovulation, 12 - 15 days after start of period. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-a-women-get-pregnant-the-day-after-her-period-ends ]
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Can a woman get pregnant the day after her period ends?
you can get pregnant 7-14 days after the day you begin your period. so if your period is 7 or 8 days long, then yes, you can get pregnant the day after your period. or even when you are still on your period.
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A female can get pregnant at any point. As long as she is still having a cycle. She is more likely to get pregant while on her period, or her days of obvulation. But she can get prgnant at any point.
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yes and a week after it has gone off. please answer my question http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;…

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Can you get pregnant the day after your regular period ended?
Q: I know sperm can live inside the female for a week, so is it likely that a woman can get pregnant from unprotected sex the day after her period ended? Or is it more likely to get pregnant the following week?
A: It is possible, but very unlikely.The 2nd week is the most possible.
can a woman get pregnant 5 days after her period? see details below?
Q: sex without a condom 5 days after a 41 year old woman's period. never ejaculated inside, pulled out with plenty of time to spare. person claims she is pregnant but won't allow me to go to Doctors or see the results but wants $350 for pills but now says it is $450. person wanted to marry and had used this ploy before to guilt me into proposing.my feeling is fine, I will emotionally support and pay but I would like documentation to justify the $450. this is also our last act together and the person is unemployed so I want to be supportive but also think there could be a money issue involved.am I being unreasonable? I am not pressing the evidence thing but had asked. this was met with much anger. something like this happened once before and I was forbidden to give her a home preg test and marriage was also bandied about. that situation ended in an abrupt miscarriage.person also suffers from semi-serious anxiety/depression issues.
A: yes a woman can get pregnant five days after her period, but this lady just sounds crazy.
Can a woman who's period is regular get pregnant within 5 days after her period?
Q: My gf's period is always regular she always gets it between 2 to 4 days before the date of her last period e.g if she gets it on the 28th of this month she'll get it on the 24th or 26th the next month...my question is,is it likely for her to be able to concieve within 5 days after her period has ended...and please don't tell me she can get pregnant anytime of the month once we have sex cause that is B.S..lol...I want a sensible answer from someone who actually knows what they are talking about!
A: It all depends on the length of her cycle. The 1st day of the cycle is the day she gets her period. A woman normally ovulates about 14 days before her next period. So if her cycle is normally 29 days, she will ovulate around Day 15. (29 minus 14) Since sperm can live inside the woman for 3 days, she could get pregnant any time from Day 12 through Day 16. So if you had sex on Day 10, she probably would NOT get pregnant. Just adjust these numbers for the normal length of her cycle, and you'll get a better idea of when she could get pregnant.My theory is this (tongue in cheek). If you're trying to get pregnant, then your window of opportunity is about 10 minutes. If you're trying NOT to get pregnant, then the window of opportunity is her entire cycle!

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