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Can a woman get pregnant 9 days before her period

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Ovulation usually occurs about 14 days before the start of a woman's period. So yes she can become pregnant. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-a-woman-get-pregnant-9-days-before-her-period ]
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Can a woman get pregnant 17 days after her period or 9 days befor...?
There really aren't any safe times. When you ovulate depends on how many days your normal cycle is, and it also depends on factors such as if you've recently stopped birth control (some women ovulate sooner the first month after stopping ...

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can a woman get pregnant 17 days after her period or 9 days before?
A: both.
I need help please: Girlfriend's period troubles. Please advise.?
Q: Hello,My girlfriend has been having some problems with her period as of late, so I will give you all the information I can so you can make an accurate diagnosis.Her period has been on a three week cycle for two years. Recently though, she has had some discrepancies in her cycle. Her period came late a few months ago, putting her on what we both assumed would be a "normal" four week (or 28 day) cycle. The next month, however, she went back to a three week cycle. Then, the month after, it was three weeks. But here's where it gets a little confusing. Her period came, with a brownish or light pink "spotting" for five days then about 2 or 3 days of nothing. But then the real deal came, a heavy flow slowly tapering off to nothing. Just like a normal period. I reassured her (because we are sexually active, although no penetration has occurred) that because of her rather poor diet in combination of high stress levels and increased exercise, her body was acting a little strange. But it got a little stranger.Ten days later, she began spotting again. Brownish discharge, only noticeable when she wiped, was present again. For five days. Her exercise levels have increased in those ten days, but her diet has been a little better. But now she does not feel any symptoms of a period coming at all. She has not been spotting for a day now.Backtracking a few days now, we engaged in sexual activity about two or three days after her period was up. I ejaculated no where near her vagina, and as a matter of fact I manually stimulated myself as to be safe not to get any ejaculate near her. Afterward, I dried myself, washed my hands and my genitals, then dried them thoroughly. After about five minutes she mounted me (I put on a condom just to be safe, even though no penetration occurred). I know there's a certain phenomenon known as implantation bleeding. And that it generally occurs for a day, ten days before a missed period. But it is not unheard of for a woman to have this for anywhere between 4 and 9 days as well. I also know that roughly only one third of women experience this.The topic of how long sperm last outside, in open air, is highly debated. But I know for a fact after the semen is dry, there is nothing to sustain the sperm, nor is there any way for the sperm to travel. Shortly after the semen is dried, the sperm die. Factor in the temperature of the air, the temperature of the skin on which it resides, and the relatively hostile environment of the vagina, it is highly unlikely that any sperm still living on my pubic region survived to encounter an egg and successfully fertilize it.My theory above, while very educated, is not that of a medical expert. But I do believe that it his highly unlikely, to the point of almost 100% surety that it is unlikely that she is pregnant. Would that be your educated guess as well?If you believe she's not pregnant, do you believe this is a form of temporary Amenorrhea brought on by stress, diet, hormone imbalance and exercise or perhaps fibroids?My girlfriend is 16, I am 17.I am asking because my girlfriend is the one who is worried and she would like additional reassurance. It's my job as a boyfriend to try and ease her mind. She provided the symptoms and the facts about her condition as she sees it, and I provided the knowledge based on what I know.As far as me knowing a lot about this, I have a very high work ethic and plan to be a M.D. I'm trying to get a good foothold on my education early.
A: If she hasn't missed a period she's probably fine. Plus she's young. Her period could do weird things randomly until she reaches the end of puberty. And that could be a few more years- maybe even to 20 or something. If she is really worried then have her take a pregnancy test- from the store if you want to keep this hush hush. But I think she just doesn't know how to react to certain things about her body yet. Her body will do that.I think you guys have been safe. She should be fine. And your assumptions could be right too...about stress and diet.
Has anyone got pregnant while breastfeeding before getting their period?
Q: My daughter is 9 months old and I breastfeed. I still dont have my period and me and my partner are trying for baby number 2. I know you can get pregnant before getting your period but Im wandering what the chances of this are? We really want our kides close together in age so we are wandering if I might have to wean her earlier then planned so that we have a better chance. She is on solids three times a day plus snacks. Only breastfeeds around 4 times a day now and sleeps through the night. Looks like I might be one of those women who never ovultates while breastfeeding =(. Anyone else go through the same thing and get pregnant anyway?
A: Oh yes you can so get pregnant while breastfeeding even before your period comes. I know several people its happen too including my mother. If is said to be a little more difficult if your period has yet to arrive but still completely possible. This first link I have included list a FAQ on this topic and some advice is to adjust the times you breastfeed. The second link is more information on this topic. Good luck and I hope you continue to breastfeed until your baby is 1 year as it looks like that might have been your goal since your already at 9 months. Good luck on baby number two.

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